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    Pulling In

    What does the term “pulling in” mean when talking about cement rendering. I’m new to the forums as you can probably gather but keen to learn about rendering. Cheers
  2. J

    Rendering over very uneven brickwork

    I have done a fair bit of internal wall plastering but never attempted any rendering until now. I have a brick outbuilding at the end of my garden and i am hoping to render all of the internal walls but the brickwork is all over the place. Every wall is different and in places you're looking at...
  3. J

    Lightweight Roughcast 8m2 Swansea

    Hi All, I'm looking for someone to render a small porch extension on my house. It's a timber frame and will need a roughcast render to match into the existing house. I'll be putting the render board on over the next couple of days, but I'm not in a massive rush to get it done, whenever suits...
  4. F

    Split sections using K-Rend FT

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for some advice. I'm doing some renovation and have had a new 2 storey gable wall rendered by a subcontractor. The base coat has been applied to the full section but the top coat has had to be applied in 2 sections as there wasn't enough top coat supplied...
  5. R

    Scott rend

    Hi can anyone tell me if its ok to apply Scott rend top coat to a cement scratch coat. Trying to save pounds. Any info welcome. Its just 4 little garden walls getting done. Cheers
  6. S

    Dot and dab dusty walls

    I'm a spread don't normally do dot and dabbing, iv brought a house and iv knocked every bit of plaster off because it was blown, and now it is dusty as f**k I tryed dabbing onto it and some boards stuck and some still bounce what shall I do? Wet the walls with water? Or pva?
  7. J

    For sale monocouche and beads

    Any one want to buy monocouche 35 bags colour off white, corner beads, joint beads, drip beads message me on here thanks.
  8. E

    Can you go over k render with and sand and cement 4 in 1 mix?

    Hi Can someone help answer my questions? if k render is applied to a garage and has stared to show the block work,then the customer mentions they would like it sand and cement rendered now, is it possible to SBR the k render then apply a 4 in 1 scratch coat? Thanks
  9. William Simpson

    Stucanet Lath alternative

    Hi, Looking to see if there is an alternative to Stucanet S Lath? I'd be using enewall renders as well with this as customer had already agreed finish. would be going onto an old farm house renvation.
  10. R

    Removing Tyrolean Render thin-ish coat

    Hi all, I'm no plasterer, the most experience I have is drylining and getting someone in to skim over. Our house has a tyrolean render to the front elevation, it seems like a thin coat as you can see the joints of brickwork through the finish. We would love to expose the brickwork completely...
  11. Spreadinator

    Plastering a fire place

    hello all I had a call from a woman wanting me to quote for re plastering her fire place.she is having a wood burner fitted. she also wants the inside of the fire place plastered to a smooth finish. Boarding with fire board isn't an option as the space is very limited and dabbing boards on...
  12. C

    New member here, supplier of plastering & rendering consumables

    Morning all, I work for a company called PM Hardware, we have been around about 3 years now. I myself have worked for a few hardware companies over the past few years but now settled here and building up the Staffordshire and Derbyshire areas and also the east Manchester/south Manchester and...
  13. S


    Hello help needed! Can k rend tc be used over sand&cement base if I was to prime it with the k rend primer first
  14. 1

    Help- needing to correct poor external monocouche job

    I posted a while back asking is my builders renderers had done a good job on my house.... long story short, they haven’t. It’s awful. So after waiting months my Builder has finally lined someone up the week after next. I have a couple of questions though if someone can help? 1) The guy is...
  15. M

    Advice needed please - monocouche over new sand/cement or start from scratch

    Hi all new here and very much in need of some advice please? I've had a browse and look around to see if this question has been answered before but couldn't quite find a scenario as specific (older existing render, not new) so hopefully you knowledgeable lot can help :) Basically we're in the...
  16. D

    Parex drying a bit patchy

    Haven't used Parex a great deal but I've noticed on a couple of jobs it looks a bit patchy in places.. I've noticed this wen passing other people's jobs too. Any tips on how to prevent this? My method it apply by hand scratch coat then next day apply top coat using speed skim or surrated spat...
  17. S

    Help! which render over EWI onto EML

    Hello. Would very much appreciate any advice on which product(s) would be the most suitable for finishing the pictured project. In hindsight I have realised that the wrong insulation has been used (probably to save money) and it would have been better to have covered it with external cement...
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    Is this a good job?

    Ive just had most of my property rendered in a white monocouche but I’m a little disappointed with the result (neighbouring properties don’t look like this) however I know nothing about it! Is this a good job? Professional honest opinions please. Thank you in advance.
  19. T

    K Rend Vs Vimark. Thoughts?

    Lads, Currently stocking K Rend, but looking for another good quality Render System and have heard good things about Vimark. Your thoughts on the differences in the material would be great.
  20. S

    SBR mix Ratio onto 7Nm concrete blocks

    Hi, My question is can you please tell me what ratio of mix I should use for SBR when rendering concrete blockwork and also some areas where existing scratch coat is present? BAL's date sheet has lead me to the following: Slurry coat 1:1 cement and SBR let down with water up to 1:1:1 and...
  21. D

    Smooth render with silver sand

    Alright people. I'm starting a job soon an the builder as got silver sand an snowcrete for a white smooth finish. It's on brick. I wouldn't have went down the old silver sand route myself but he's got it ready to go. Iv used it doing dry dash but not floating up a big area. Any tips for doing...
  22. RETEP

    Do I need to Key the surface of Vandex for plastering

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  23. J

    Rendering mix

    whats the best mix for rendering? How to prepare the walls? Do you art waterproofed in scratch coat then just plasticiser in top coat? Just like to no which is the best way to do this from start to finish to help let render breath and not let no water come through/cause damp/ crack. I know...
  24. D

    Key stones and coins

    Need a bit advice on a rendering job I'm doing. Hate rendering at the best of times never-ending this time of year but here's the situation.. We are sand cement rendering an extension and setting batons to form key stones and coins round windows. We have scratched and set batons so far but need...
  25. D

    Key stones and coins

    Need a bit advice on a rendering job I'm doing. Hate rendering at the best of times never-ending this time of year but here's the situation.. We are sand cement rendering an extension and setting batons to form key stones and coins round windows. We have scratched and set batons so far but need...
  26. D

    Advice on Rendering a Sculpture Pedestal

    Good Evening, I've gleaned a lot of excellent advice from browsing the forums, but I was hoping to gather some specific guidance by detailing the project I'm approaching. I'm looking to construct several pedestals of varying sizes to display sculptures. Creating them out of concrete would be...
  27. S

    Weber on top of K-Rend

    Hi all, I am a HO and am currently having some rendering work done to my mid-terraced house. We kept the old sand and cement render underneath but had all the bad knocked off. On the front our renderer's used Weber.pral M and we are happy with it. On the back they used a K-Rend. We weren't...
  28. William Simpson

    Simpson Render

    mornin folks, just new to the forum looking for some help! been trying to ask around just looking for some information from anybody about Enewall if any you guys have heard of it? new rep said their putting mono & acrylic into jewsons local in romford & kent wonder if it's good gear??
  29. B

    Young lad after work please read..

    Hi everybody I hope everybody is well, I've posted in this forum a few times asking for work but I've had no look, let me explain my situation a little..I've always been a labourer for plasterers since I left school and I've always wanted to take plastering as a career choice, but I know...
  30. B

    K-rend or similar quote

    Hi, Looking for a quote to K-rend or simlilar link detached house in Midlands, 5 mins from junction 24 on M1 following house extension. Must provide guarantee of works. Approx 160m2 The property is not currently rendered, please see attached elevation plans. Contact me on...
  31. M

    Lime Mortar & SP +

    Hi, I have just signed up to this forum and I am in need of help and advise if possible please. I live in a granite cottage which has major damp issues, an independent damp specialist came out and advised that the render on two of the external walls (third isn't rendered) is sand and cement...
  32. B

    Please hear me out guys

    Hey all I'm the new lad who's been on here for a while now! Just like to say thankyou for the warm welcome off you guys! First of all I'm the lad who is from the Wolverhampton area and is looking to start work plastering properly, I'm been in and out of it since I left school and I admit! I love...
  33. I

    Render to plasterboard

    Hi guys Been following the forum for tips for a while. Now it's my turn to seek advice. I'm doing some metre high flood work. I've a couple of walls where doorways have been partitioned and plasterboarded so have came up with the problem. What do you think the best way to link the plasterboard...