K Rend or Weber


I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is, as every time it rains, the new plaster is soaked from water getting in.

We’re now looking at knocking the current rendering off and redoing it.
I’ve looked online and I’m leaning more towards K Rend due to the silicone and it’s breathability. - I live very close to Blackpool seafront and currently have a thin layer of sand and cement mix on top of Accrington brick. The paint has/is flacking off in the strong winds and the rendering is currently soft enough to be able to push your finger in and wipe it away like wet sand.

I’ve spoken to one plasterer who only does K Rend so was singing it’s praises, and another one who when I said I wanted k rend, the guy pulled his face and asked why, then said he only uses Weber.

Someone else suggested parex, but from reading up on it, it’s acrylic render which isn’t breathable, and is normally just a top coat, isn’t it?

Im wondering what people’s opinions are, and what you would suggest and why?
I’ve only heard one downside to Krend which is ‘it gets filthy’. Which I don’t think is a huge downside.
Parex is a good render and they do Monocouche render like Krend ,Weber etc.
If done properly,they all perform.
They all do a job as said if done right.
Must be a lot of weather to get through a cavity, unless it’s tracking on your wall ties.
Krend is shite give it a few years and you will have red runs in you’re walls use Webber or parex
Krend is shite give it a few years and you will have red runs in you’re walls use Webber or parex
I’ve never heard of red runs before. Never seen it on houses and it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere whilst I’ve been looking into different types of render.
Just had a quick read about it and a company say that it’s prone to happen to coloured through render, which includes Weber (and obviously Krend)

Also Parex is acrylic isn’t it? From what I’ve read that’s not breathable, and with the age of the house and current condition of this rendering being knackered with damp (though there’s no signs of damp on the inside of the property) we’ve been told we need breathable rendering?
Krend have a mineral that reacts to algae and turns red do not use it on you’re own house trust me
Acrylic doesn’t breathe monocouche does parex do both
Ahh right. To be honest I’ve not actually come across a company near me that mentions using parex. Only sand and cement or Krend. It was someone on another forum that mentioned Parex.
I’ve seen monocouche mentioned a lot online, but it was an option I kind of bypassed as no companies suggested it when I’ve spoken to them.

I’ll have another look at companies near me, I’m sure someone will do Parex!

Thanks for the advice!