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Bron Tomlinson

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Hey all I'm the new lad who's been on here for a while now! Just like to say thankyou for the warm welcome off you guys! First of all I'm the lad who is from the Wolverhampton area and is looking to start work plastering properly, I'm been in and out of it since I left school and I admit! I love it! I enjoy being hands on and just love the trade in general. But sadly for me I've been working with people who haven't really taught me and just want me to do all the hard bits, I really don't mind that as long as I'm learning but my first boss I was with for 2 years on £15 a day and he didn't teach me one this and it's abit disheartening really But I absolutely love the trade it's great I love be here there and everywhere! Working away and working long hours I close being busy! So I was just wondering if any of you guys need a young lad who wants to learn the trade properly and do the job properly? Apprenticeship or through a company? I'd like to run through either a apprenticeship scheme or for some body to take me on through there company and put my through my nvq, I'm really eager and I love the trade I love being hands on and I can promise honesty and loyalty. I'm 19 and from the Wolverhampton area.. My contact number is 07802627739 really hope to hear from you guys thankyou again


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Good luck Bron,

Along with this place send every plasterer in your area a letter and follow it up with a telephone call its a numbers game but a young lad that can show social skills and a bit of manners still means a lot to me and I'm sure others.

My last apprentice did the above and I had him for 4 yrs.

All I would say is whilst your young enough plumbing,electrics is where the easier money is and more PAYE jobs.

Good luck zombie

hail hail

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OP, you might think your not learning much on 15£ a day but trust me, your picking up things by just being there and watching someone plaster.

As for looking work, good on ya. Good to see a young lad who's keen to work instead of lying in bed drawing the bru.
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