K-rend, Weber, and weather conditions


I’ve recently had a new porch built and with the walls inside the porch now being plastered (previously bare brick) it’s become apparent how bad our rendering is.

I’ve just spoken to one plasterer who when I said I wanted k-rend (as I was advised this by an electrician earlier today as it has silicon in it), the plasterer pulled his face and asked why, then said he uses Weber.
I’d read about both of these types before, though to be honest don’t know a great deal about the difference/benefits. Also the difference in cost he quoted was over double.

He also said he could get the job done next week, however from my understanding it needs to be dry weather and the bricks behind the current render need to have dried out before new stuff goes on?

Any tips on the best type of render (Weber or k rend) would be appreciated. We live close to the sea so the front of the house does get hit hard with wind and rain.
The rendering at present is soft enough to be able to push your finger in and scrap it away like wet sand.
Your renderer should be able to answer all your questions and concerns, if not, or you don't have confidence in him then find one you do.
Or just ring the manufacturers and they will send a rep out and they will have applicators who they will recommend