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  1. M

    Plastering courses for home renovations

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend and plastering courses in the Northwest, more cheshire region. we are renovating homes which we will eventually let out but would love to be able to do my own plastering.
  2. C

    Happy New Year! Quick question on bonding coat!

    Morning All! Happy new year everyone. I have a quick question, I have removed Artex/Plaster from hallway and am left with this. Is this bonding coat and can I plaster straight onto it (After some PVA)? House is about 60/70 years old. Thanks in advance
  3. Big Keith

    What's your go-to music for plastering?

    Just picked up a makita DMR200 for my site and was wondering if any of you lot have some music reccomendations, a personal favourite is smack my bitch up from the progidy.
  4. M

    Is my plaster dry after 2 weeks??

    I decided to skim one wall of my bedroom which had some new wall lights and sockets moved around. I PVA'd and bonded the chased walls first then applied PVA to the entire wall and skim coated it with Thistle Multi finish once the PVA was tacky. I have attached before and after pictures (don't...
  5. C

    Plaster with shiny flecks through it

    Hi all I am doing up a room that had been all previously wallpapered, when all removed I noticed one of the walls are made of this material and not sure what it is or how best to proceed with it. the wall is grey and has a lot of shiny speckles throughout which I’ve attached a picture. Any help...
  6. B

    K rend tc primer

    Need some advice We’re currently doing a k rend job (TC system) It’s 10m2 and 28 degree heat We’ve applied the primer 24 hours after finishing the hp12 hoping to just finish it tomorrow The client is a complete nightmare and has data sheet at hand saying 14days Can we wash off the primer...
  7. W

    Ritmo l

    Hi I’m currently in the market for a Ritmo l and just wanted a little advice on the machine, I’d be using it for rendering. Is it really worth it, i rendering quite a bit so it would be ideal for my business.
  8. M

    Plastering a internal brick wall after chimney breast has been removed

    We have just had the chimney breast removed and we are left with soot stains on the wall. I have scrubbed it twice with TSP cleaner which i read was the best thing. I have read various things on how to cover it before plastering. Could someone give me some tips on what's best to do so that the...
  9. Lauren berg

    Looking for advice?

    Hi all! I'm a 27 year old mum to three kids! I'm doing a degree part time but I also want to become a plasterer. Can i have any help and advice on where or how to start? I live in Gloucester and I'm a hard working woman! I currently work nights at tesco and it's just not for me. I've been...
  10. D

    Best process to fix and plaster this wall

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to fix and plaster this room / wall, pictures attached. I have just purchased a 1960's ex-council property, removed the wallpaper and found that the plaster behind it was blown and needed removing, behind the blown plaster looks like a cement render...
  11. E

    Trainee looking for experience in the west midlands.

    Hello, I am posting to ask if anyone was able to take me in as a trainee plasterer. I do not expect high pay and would be delighted to get experience from a professional. I have been practicing plastering at my home and love the technical side of plastering. I am a beginner based in Birmingham...
  12. J

    Angle beads - Sand and cement

    Hey everyone, I have an old fireplace here which I would like to chip back to the brick and sand and cement before skimming with multifinish. I've attached a picture below. I plan to use steel angle beads for the corners - should these be placed when the scratch coat is still wet? Once the top...
  13. S

    Is it normal to not plaster around doorways?

    I've had a plasterer come and do some work for me. He forgot to mention he wouldn't do around the door frames and he's left them but there's big pieces of plaster in some of them I'm unsure how I will sand down. I'm unsure if this is normal? Some of the plastering is rough in general, can this...
  14. S

    When an interior wall becomes an exterior wall...

    Hello all. I'm looking for some advice on what to do with (now) garden walls that were previously interior walls. We knocked down an extension in order to create a courtyard garden about 18 months ago (it's a slow renovation!). The walls that were previously inside the extension are now going to...
  15. R

    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    Hi Guys, You have helped me in the past and hope you come up trump's again. Small garden wall, looking to render it. I have done some rendering in the past and it's been alright, good enough. But there is so much conflicting advice bon the concrete block planters. There is no DPM, and I would...
  16. N

    New Build Snagging Advise

    Hi I wonder if I could ask you all for your opinion and advice. I purchased a new build 4 bed property a few months back and flagged up concerns with the finish of decoration and plastering throughout the property. The developer have been very defensive and avoiding correcting some of the...
  17. I

    Faux finishes

    Hi all, I've been doing paint effects for a while now and usually we use a mix with Idenden pva etc in as a base texture coat. However I have a client who wants a concrete effect and faux plaster effect in their restaurant. After lots of research I tried out using jointing compound with water...
  18. B

    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Okay I'm probably over thinking this and obsessing over small detail, but my plasterer just finished up skimming newly boarded ceiling and previously skimmed/painted walls a few days ago. Now I'm not expecting walls to be level or flat because my house is old Victorian so everything is out of...
  19. B

    PVA for thistle bonding on lime

    When using Thistle Bonding coat to patch and flatten/level out a old rough lime background like shown in pic, is a coat or two of pva required? If so what ratio is best?
  20. B

    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    I have a solid exterior wall (non cavity) upstairs in Victorian property, not ground floor. It is bowed floor to ceiling and start to end with window in between. It is rendered on the outside. I have been advised NOT to use browning or bonding as this attracts moisture. Wall was already multi...
  21. Crafty Chic

    Apprentice Adult Plasterer

    Hi. 39 Years Young Adult Female Apprentice, from Manchester seeking to change current role, keen interest in the Construction, Building Industry would like to work alongside someone unbiased, honest, reliable & could do with help to lighten their work, who's willing to take me under their wings...
  22. T


    Hello everyone thought if sign up to this forum and see what help comes from it ... I'm currently in my resettlement phase with the Army after 12 years & looking at plastering as a career change. Im booked on a course to learn the basics but would love to be working full time & getting hands...
  23. M

    Are we too CHEAP

    we are currently charging £130 a day each plus materials to skim so we are doing 6 bags a day for £260 plus pva n beading so we are doing a sitting room for about £320 in the northeast is this too cheap as every job we quote we get yes we are 1 of the highest plastering companys in the northeast...
  24. L

    Re skimming over existing plaster

    So I fixed a small damp issue on a house of a friend where a wall had just been plastered over plaster and plaster to try and fix the issue which I’ve now solved! After 6 months The wall is now completely dry, all the bits of plaster are flaking off the wall and there is a pile of dust on the...
  25. E

    Plastering required

    Hi All, looking for some estimates for plastering in Manchester area if anyone can help. Details below... Skim following rooms - Bedroom 1 (2.8x4m) include ceiling - Bedroom 2 (2.9x2.6m) include ceiling - Bedroom 3 (2.9x2.6m) include ceiling - downstairs w/c (3.6x1m) include ceiling -...
  26. A

    Advice needed please. Plastering on artex ceilings.

    Hi Everyone, hope this is posted in the right section, please could someone advise/move if it isn’t. Had my whole house professionally skimmed/plastered including artex ceilings and unfortunetly some haven’t come out great. Had a decorator put a mist coat on and he’s slated the finish saying...
  27. perfectplastering


  28. A

    Traditional plasterering / rendering gang required ASAP - North Wales (Corwen)

    Looking for a gang of plasterers capable of traditional lime plastering onto slate and brickwork walls, approx 120m2 and circa 40m2 of roughcast rendering. Immediate start available as we have been let down by another plastering contractor. Call/text Stuart on 07817 840 665 with rates and...
  29. H

    Looking for site work!!

    Plastering Looking for site work in next few days as my jobs coming to a finish,anyone know anyone looking for Plasterer’s or know any company contact numbers I can give a ring would be appreciated. Willing to travel if price is right..
  30. L

    Poor quality/finish of work.

    We have recently had work done in our house, the plasterer we had in sacked off the last room in our house as he was “injured”.. we’ve come back to the house, now the plaster has dried there are multiple areas of it blatantly being rushed and it’s a poor finish, I begrudge paying him in full for...
  31. REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex three , first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering this ceiling new out of packet and trowelling up well leaving the ceiling smooth and flawle...
  32. R

    Scottish but moving to England

    As you know guys, I'm coming back to the UK next year. I'd prefer not to go back to Scotland for personal reasons and many other things and I want to make a go of it in England. I know it's not a plastering question as such, although it does have an affect, but which counties are good to live...
  33. S

    Dot and dab dusty walls

    I'm a spread don't normally do dot and dabbing, iv brought a house and iv knocked every bit of plaster off because it was blown, and now it is dusty as f**k I tryed dabbing onto it and some boards stuck and some still bounce what shall I do? Wet the walls with water? Or pva?
  34. I

    Old plaster crumbling in 1930s semi detached hallway

    Hi everyone. Wanted to get an opinion on an issue I’ve got. I’ve had some people in who’ve been ripping out my hallway and landing ceilings (old textured/artex ceilings) and they accidentally pulled away some plaster on the gabel end wall. The plaster comes away quite easily and is very easy to...
  35. JohnsonsPlastering

    Looking for work in the Leicestershire area but willing to travel!!

    Hi fellow plasterers, I never like asking people for work, as I feel rude but unfortunately sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. Which I am doing. My name is Edward, I'm 24 years old and live in Narborough, Leicestershire. I'm a hard working young man, whom can work in...
  36. Jack McCombe


    Learning via Mastering Plastering video tutorials. Based in Glasgow. Looking for critical feedback.
  37. C

    New member here, supplier of plastering & rendering consumables

    Morning all, I work for a company called PM Hardware, we have been around about 3 years now. I myself have worked for a few hardware companies over the past few years but now settled here and building up the Staffordshire and Derbyshire areas and also the east Manchester/south Manchester and...
  38. D

    Are Quick Plastering Courses Worth It?

    I have been a labourer for a few years then went to a retail (which i regret) so now I'm thinking of learning plastering to help me start up us a independent plasterer. I have seen this company offering courses in my area and I'm thinking whether its worth...
  39. J

    Looking for job!! Within 15 miles Burnley

    In desperate need of work asap!! Valid CSCS card, plenty plastering experience but have not done qualifications. Ready to go asap but need to be working with someone as I dont have my own tools Looking to get on as a labourer so i can get a day qualification done and get earning for my family...
  40. D

    Builder plastering over old plaster - smooth down or re-skim?

    I would like to tap into your collective knowledge to find out if my builder is doing the correct job and not cutting corners. We have a builder in who is replastering one of our bedrooms. We have taken the wallpaper of the walls and stripped it back to the old plaster, a lot of which was...
  41. Rays Plastering Ltd

    Rays Plastering Ltd | Plasterer in Kent & South East London

    Hey, thought it would be rude to sign up and not introduce myself to all. Hope you all are well and seems like a really great setup you have here for the plastering community! As I'm a newbie here, I wanted to say that I'm always willing to help people on the technical side of things if they...
  42. A

    Plastering over a previously water damaged wall - need advice

    Hoping for a little advice if possible. Our boiler sprung a leak and water trickled down through the floor and damaged our bathroom wall. Thought i had dealt with the damp and waited months before stripping the paint and replastering. However when i did replaster parts look wavy. Uping touching...
  43. D

    Plasterer's needed for immediate start in Dungannon area. To work as part of team or on price.

    Large upcoming job in Dungannon area, entails all main areas regarding interior and exterior aplastering. Plasterer's needed to work as part of a skilled plastering team of men, or employed on price. Travel arrangements may be supplied if within reason. Please contact for further details.
  44. harryj490

    Hello all!! Topic:brushes

    hello all. Hope everyone had a good week and time to relax and chill out! Just got two questions if you can help or have any advise? Looking to buy some new brushes where to get them from and what sizes ? Brought a few from wicked but hairs coming off into plasterer , what size do u guys use and...
  45. JRW Rendering

    Hi Guys

    What machine do you guys recommend?
  46. Tomasz

    Worcester plasterer new in here :)

    Hi I'm Tomasz 20+ years’ experience in all aspects plastering & rendering work .
  47. JohnsonsPlastering

    23 year old from Leicester looking for work!

    Hi everyone! My name is Edward Johnson, I'm 23 and from Narborough, Leicestershire. I have recently just got back into plastering after having a year out to go and work in a factory realized I made a big mistake and want to get back into plastering once again and for good!! So I have my city &...
  48. richard cairns

    Hi just to say hello

    a few things we done Plastering
  49. richard cairns

    Hi Every One

    A little boarding
  50. J

    Looking for work in wolverhampton labourer/ plasterers mate

    Hello, I am currently looking to become a plasterers mate/ labourer in the wolverhampton area I have previously site experience and I also have a valid cscs card , contact me on 07561110741 or email me at