When an interior wall becomes an exterior wall...

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Hello all. I'm looking for some advice on what to do with (now) garden walls that were previously interior walls.
We knocked down an extension in order to create a courtyard garden about 18 months ago (it's a slow renovation!). The walls that were previously inside the extension are now going to be the garden walls of various heights. My questions is, is it imperative that I remove the plaster and skim on the walls before it is rendered? If it is, any suggestions on how to do it as it seems firmly attached. I have attached some photos of how it looks after 18 months of being exposed to the outside - the large (still white) wall is north facing and the smaller wall south facing (dark area is a shadow). They are all brick built cavity walls. We live in a coastal area if that makes any difference. Thanks so much for any help.


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As above take it all off then me personally think a rendaid and Weber pral m would make a lovely wall there , if possible I’d pop some good coping stone on too


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Thanks for your unanimous responses guys (though obvs not what I was hoping to hear!). Do I need to take the plaster off too and go back to the brick?


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I would wait another 18 months by then the plaster would have come off by its self.
Log back on and we will explain how to prepare the background.
These jobs always take long than you first plan.
By the year 2030 should be ready for the finishing coat.


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I’m imagining the finish court yard oasis
Keep your eyes on the final goal
All good things come to those who wait and do the job properly


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Hi, I find using a angle grinder to cut lines In wall every 2 inches or so; will weaken the old plaster/render ready to use a sds drill to remove