Looking for work in the Leicestershire area but willing to travel!!

Hi fellow plasterers,

I never like asking people for work, as I feel rude but unfortunately sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. Which I am doing.

My name is Edward, I'm 24 years old and live in Narborough, Leicestershire.
I'm a hard working young man, whom can work in a team or can work on my own with my own initiative to get the job done on the right time scale with still leaving a superb finish. I'm an eager young man who's not scared to get his hands dirty and just basically someone to give him a stepping stone. I'm a big listener too, with still being young I'm always up for learning new skills too.

I have my own kit, my own transit van, I have my own public liability insurance in place and have my UTR number set up too for CIS.

If someone can give me a helping hand, I'll appreciate anything what comes my way and will be very grateful indeed. I'm not looking for a lot of money, as I'm still a young lad who still starting out in this game... I dont like it when it comes down to money but I would even be happy on £70-£80 a day.. as long as I can pay for my flat and my bills then I'm happy as pig in s**t.

If anyone has anything at all for me... then please give me a call on 07736 840 380

I have customer references and pictures of work if anyone needs any of that..

Thanks again

Thanks everyone for the welcoming messages. It means a lot. Hopefully someone reads the message and is able to give me some work. lol

I’m not asking for a lot, I’d rather be earning something than sitting at home doing nothing. It’s driving me wild. Haha

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Shame really cos a while back wasn’t a bloke from Leicester looking for someone and was finding it hard to get someone in, miles away from me though