Angle beads - Sand and cement


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Hey everyone,

I have an old fireplace here which I would like to chip back to the brick and sand and cement before skimming with multifinish. I've attached a picture below.

I plan to use steel angle beads for the corners - should these be placed when the scratch coat is still wet? Once the top layer of sand and cement is dry, could I then use mini mesh beads before applying multifinish?

What I'm struggling with is how to best gauge the depth once the bead is on. How do I make sure there is enough depth for the top coat and plaster?

Ideally, if it was considered ok to use multiple beads then this would make the process a lot easier for me!




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A hire a spred
B just skim it as is (but you must have good reason to say knock it all off?)
C do whatever you want with as many beads as you want which is what I think you are gonna do but no one would really do it like that
Food plan to casper it yourself.

No sense paying him to do it for you.

Send us pics when you're finished.
Yes, scratch it then plant your beads on making sure the margin is the same from the sides of your fire place to the edge of the beads then the same distance all the way up between the beads the front face of the beads will have to be worked to the inside edge of the fireplace so you don’t lose it when you float it in