1. A

    Plasterboard joint over 120 degree angle - how to join

    Hi all, I have this on my landing. I recently moved in so I have had to remove the plasterboard due to holes and all the cracking. The previous owner slid the plasterboard in red behind the plasterboard in blue and looks like just plastered the gap to create a curved joint. I want to create a...
  2. N

    Thinnest insulating board for walls

    Hello, I live in an end terraced house. I am thinking of insulating my boxroom and the hallway/landing as those areas get very cold in the winter. I can't afford external insulation. What is the thinnest energy efficient thermal barrier I can put in? I don't want to lose space as the boxroom...
  3. M

    Plastering courses for home renovations

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend and plastering courses in the Northwest, more cheshire region. we are renovating homes which we will eventually let out but would love to be able to do my own plastering.
  4. C

    Happy New Year All! Quick beginner question if I may...

    Hi all, Happy New Year, hope everyone had a good one! Quick question from me if I may, I have removed Artex and plaster from hallway and will be left with this. I am completely new to this so would I be right in saying this is the bonding coat that I have left? It's relatively thick and beneath...
  5. W

    Is this job part of plastering?

    Hi. So we are having our kitchen done and we specifically said to have whole kitchen plastered. He hasn't plastered behind the kitchen sink wall at all except the window and has fitted the cuboards already. He also hasn't painted in areas below the worktop area. Also we have Hugh holes on top...
  6. A

    How to get old walls ready for paint

    Hello all, thanks for helping me. I have a 4 walled room and ceiling to sort out. Walls had multiple layers of painted wallpaper that has been stripped Ceiling has a painted texture thats likely just paint with a mop finish not actual texture, just blobs of paint. The walls have some white...
  7. P

    My plasterer skimmed OVER wallpaper - HELP

    I booked my plasterer via checkatrade - he was really highly rated so I didn't question his methods. He applied primer to the wallpaper on the ceiling. Some bubbling/raising of the plaster has since occurred. Will the problem of cracks etc get worse as a result of not stripping the wallpaper...
  8. L

    Help Needed Identifying Materials

    1840 Sandstone building, solid walls construction. There have been a lot of serious damp issues mostly due to the roof, gutters and other external problems which have now been fixed. However, previous owners have had damp specialist who have drilled and covered things in cement preventing...
  9. O

    Crumbling plaster repair antrim road

    Hi, hoping for some help. Been let down by a few tradesmen already. We have plaster crumbling around a kitchen window. Think it's due to water ingress from blocked gutter outside. Reckon it needs stripped off, sealed and replastered. Also small part of front wall below window is damp to touch...
  10. R

    PVA over bond coat?

    Hey all. First timer here so be nice… Levelling up a kitchen off shoot wall to the dining room where we’ve had a wall taken out. It needed building up about 18mm so I’ve done one coat of bonding and didn’t realised the second coat had to be done soon after. I did the first coat yesterday...
  11. S

    Plaster Dust Exposure from sanding

    Hi, Has anyone been exposed to plaster dust that contains plaster of Paris and a joint compound mixture from sanding? I was in the home when the worker was sanding and was w/o a mask amd there was no ventilation. Was not aware of dangers until the work was completed after 3 days. I am very...
  12. M

    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    New to plastering, I’m finished prepping an arch way for the plaster coats, but I’m realizing I may have messed up not using a corner bead, I got the corners looking nice and strait using joint compound and sanding. Aesthetically it looks good but I’m worried structurally I might have a problem...
  13. C

    Grey fibre plaster/render

    I am renovating a 1950s former Manchester City Council house. It has a grey plaster/render on most of the walls that contains thin fibres in it. I have had an asbestos survey and it has been tested for asbestos. I have included photos. It is lightweight but it is cold to touch (colder than...
  14. A

    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    Hi all, We’re week 7 into our garage conversion and the builders have installed the french doors with windows either side, and just completed the plaster boarding and plastering. Upon painting, we’ve noticed the wall timber frame, plasterboard and plaster have gone completely over the frames. Is...
  15. A

    Plastering advice please

    My husband and I are currently going through our project and have come to the stage for the plastering. However we have ended up with a bumpy and strange finish. The builders tell us that they are going to fill it but to us it seems a lot of work? Both of us are not plasterers or builders so...
  16. P

    How should this fireplace be plastered / made smaller?

    Hi, i have just moved into a house which has this giant fireplace with large sandstone blocks around the edges (image 1). i was wanting to basically plaster the edges to make it look more like image 2 and reduce the overall size of the cavity The only thing im worried about is if you can...
  17. S

    Mtec 330 or g4

    Hi I’m thinking of buying machine and need help is the mtec 330 or g4 the way to go
  18. A

    Help! how to fix the monocouche on bad plastered façade??

    The subcontractor did the monocouche on a very bad plastered façade, specifically where the electrical tubes are placed in the walls, as you can see in the photos. Also the render of the monocouche is really bad. any idea how this can be fixed with the minimum cost. Is it possible to cut the...
  19. A

    Help! how to fix the monocouche on bad plastered facade??

    The subcontractor did the monocouche on a very bad plastered façade, specifically where the electrical tubes are placed in the walls, as you can see in the photos. Also the render of the monocouche is really bad. any idea how this can be fixed with the minimum cost. Is it possible to cut the...
  20. C

    Grey plaster/plaster board with gold flecks?

    Hi I’m getting some work done on my roof and the aftermath has been bits of plaster falling from my bedroom ceiling. There’s 9 or 10 1inch in diameter circles that have fallen and have exposed the nails in the board. I have absolutely no experience with anything to do with plastering so please...
  21. Wayners

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Tried everything from super glue to foam. From grip fill to nails. Found the best stuff is polymer mastic. Sticks to everything Inc wet pva. Thin bead of mastic and on with the metal beads and plaster straight away of following day. Whatever. Simple. Holds really well from the start. Like this...
  22. B

    PVA for thistle bonding on lime

    When using Thistle Bonding coat to patch and flatten/level out a old rough lime background like shown in pic, is a coat or two of pva required? If so what ratio is best?
  23. B

    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    I have a solid exterior wall (non cavity) upstairs in Victorian property, not ground floor. It is bowed floor to ceiling and start to end with window in between. It is rendered on the outside. I have been advised NOT to use browning or bonding as this attracts moisture. Wall was already multi...
  24. B

    Sand cement render on top of existing plaster

    I have a bowed solid exterior wall that needs levelling out upstairs in bedroom in my Victorian propety so I believe no cavity wall. By most it is out of level by about an inch in middle. Wall was already plastered with multi finish and bonding applied in some places on top of original lime...
  25. foxtrot2129

    Plastering Cost for a 3 Bed Semi-Detached

    Hello everyone. I’m looking to get quotes for reskim / plastering for a 3 bed semi attached. How much should I be looking to pay? Walls currently are good but they have woodchip, if I rip out woodchip I might end up needing reskimming anyways. true or false? Just need a clean smooth finish what...
  26. N

    Bad plastering

    Hi all, I had my living room replastered. I live in a council house and it was done by a council employed plasterer. He has made it an absolute mess. It looks ok in direct light, but an absolute mess when light shines on it from the side. It also feels all lumpy and bumpy. I did complain...
  27. C

    Has anyone gone all battery tools?

    I am considering switching out my lights and drills over to battery power. I find running cords cumbersome and hazardous. Are the battery drills any good? Do I want to deal with charging/switching batteries on LED's between/during mixes. If you've done this or decided why not, I'd love some...
  28. J

    SBR bond pre-skim or not?

    Hi all My house flooded in storm Dennis, am slowly rebuilding it. The walls were hacked back to stone, sbr & cement mix applied, then 2 coats of render with sbr mixed in. The walls are now ready for skimming. Prior to putting on the plaster, I've read some say pva others unibond or blue...
  29. P

    Plasterers Solutions

    We've seen the demand and shortage for multifinish plaster, especially after the polish plaster that gave any other suppliers a bad vote, we, at plasterers Solutions sent multifinish out to our factory, they took it to Thier lab and tore it apart, seen how it was made and replicated it, as to...
  30. L

    Skim coat

    Hi guys... Have got hold of 5 bags of gyproc skim coat to use... Any advice?
  31. M

    BNQ Make good Finishing Plaster

    Has any one used this product yet ? Its white and like knauf 1st coat and 2nd coat is lovely to put on but can i hell finish this with out waiting over 3hours and the work am haveing to put into it is mental just wanted to no how you guys getting on with it and if you have masterd a technique as...
  32. J

    Help! Blue spots coming through white paint?!

    Hi all, I need help! I’ve recently moved into an apartment building and blue spots have been appearing through the white paint in my bedroom. I have no idea what they are. Can someone please identify the problem and tell me how to fix it! It’s driving me mad! I’ve attached a photograph. Thank...
  33. Diana01

    Bracknell area: I have 15 bags Carlite Finish spare

    Hi all, I’m in the midst of renovating my home. When I found out that DryWallToolsDirect were getting in Carlite from Ireland, my builder phoned around his network to see who wanted plaster and if it was worth getting a palette. One of the chaps (who was the most interested) has pulled out so...
  34. TedTheSpread92

    No plaster!

    I'm not working currently, haven't been for a while now but I am curious as to when plaster will be back in stock. Does anyone know of any news regarding this?? Out of stock within 60 miles at B&Q, wickes, travis, jewsons, ccf and anywhere else for that matter - people even selling em for £50 a...
  35. C

    Advice For Plastering Fire Place Please

    Good morning and happy VE day everyone! We are hoping to remodel the fire place in our new house as at looks bloody awful in our opinion. It currently looks like this: We want to drop the height, slap a nice bit of wood on the top, remove the protruding ledges and also reduce the size of...
  36. Taronus

    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Hey guys! I just registered on this forum and thought I give it a try as I am really struggling at the moment. I own an old cottage in Dorset which I’m renovating at the moment. The pre owners haven’t used the cottage for 30 years. So it has not been heated at all. every single wall is fine...
  37. L

    Lime primers - cheaper alternatives?

    Im looking for an alternative to DG27. Its really expensive and I need a primer. Thinking I could mix it up myself if I got the ingredients..... Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives or how to make it?
  38. P

    Boarding and Multi-Finish

    Hello all, I have finished boarding with soundbloc board and they are tapered edge - I have two bags of multi finish left over brand new from the other day can I use this and scrim to tape and fill the joins? It’s a big area 4m x 2m so I wouldn’t like to skim it all? Any advice would be helpful...
  39. T

    Spores appearing after newly plastered wall

    Hi all, Newbie here. I have very recently had an internal garage conversion completed on 14 year old detached house. The long external wall was insulated with 50mm celotex boards, drylined and then skimmed. 3 of the 4 walls were complete well over 2 weeks ago and the plaster has dried out...
  40. P

    Damp Issue?

    Hi, Moved into new house in the summer. We have had a few issues as it is a very old house that was returned back in 2014. The latest issue is dots appearing on wall when the room is hot. My guess is condensation or maybe damp? Its a kitchen/living room. Quite small. When I went to check...
  41. perfectplastering


  42. H

    Looking Site work !!

    Looking for site work in the next few days what’s about?? Anyone got any contacts or know any company’s looking for Plasterer’s? Thanks in advance
  43. Bluebells

    What’s sticking out of my plaster?

    I’ve just had my porch plastered, finish was great until the rain has started to get in through old rendering and is now leaking down between the plaster and brick in my porch. Now it seems as though the plaster is wearing away, (not sure if that’s possible?) but this thread looking thing has...
  44. B

    Moulded Profiles

    Immortal Mouldings by Fibreform Mouldings and Interiors Ltd, they do it all, they immortalise your Loved Ones and Pets into garden ornaments covings etc... images:-female urn, Norwich Terrier jardiniere, male coving, promote it I'm your man, ££ for all
  45. J

    Plaster drying

    I recently bought out three walls with plasterboard and plastered them. This was yesterday 12.9.18 and I wasn’t told to leave any form of ventilation in the room so this morning when I entered the room there was condensation on the windows. I’ve opened the door and windows and it cleared. I just...
  46. Wayners

    Plastering in this hot weather

    Strange one today. Over board and skim. So hot I thought.. Right.. 1 coat of gardz on board and banged on the multi. Done in one hit and hanging really wet. To wet to be honest as took 2 hours 15 to complete. I never set out to do in one. I normally do board in 2 hits. Plastering is a little odd...
  47. T

    Is my plaster dry?

    Hi all We had our new house skimmed two weeks ago now and were told by the plasterer it will only take 3-4 days to dry. We then had a painter and decorator booked to come in and paint but he said some of the plaster wasn't dry yet. Two weeks have now passed and the 'wet' patches are still...
  48. J

    tapered edge used instead of square edge, can it be skimmed?

    Hi, Please would you advise. I am renovating a house and using professionals where necessary, this includes plastering. I have used tapered edge boards because I am yet to make the decision on drywall or skim. If I decide to pay a professional plasterer to skim the taper-edged boards (I have no...
  49. A

    New to plastering and desperately need some advice!

    Hello all, Apologies if this is a bone question. I've taken all the tiles off in the kitchen, and the wall underneath is solid, but uneven (see photos). I want to tile over the top, but pretty sure I need to prepare the wall in some way. I looked at bonding plaster, but the Gypsum website...
  50. J

    For sale monocouche and beads

    Any one want to buy monocouche 35 bags colour off white, corner beads, joint beads, drip beads message me on here thanks.