Bracknell area: I have 15 bags Carlite Finish spare

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Hi all,

I’m in the midst of renovating my home. When I found out that DryWallToolsDirect were getting in Carlite from Ireland, my builder phoned around his network to see who wanted plaster and if it was worth getting a palette. One of the chaps (who was the most interested) has pulled out so I now have 15 bags going begging. Just looking to cover my costs. With the palette delivery fee, I paid £11.97 per 25kg bag

My builder is enjoying using Carlite and says he prefers it to multi-finish.

Here is the link to the supplier

If anyone’s interested, please let me know today (for collection tomorrow)

Many thanks,



Did a member contact you from this forum?
Hi Rossi.

No, I waited for about 5 hours and my message still had to be approved by moderation, so I put it on eBay at 8pm Tuesday night starting at £1. A builder contacted me yesterday morning and he drove up from HindHead to collect.

I had moved my plaster indoors the day before, but the 15 bags were outside on a pallet under a tarp, hence I wanted shot of it before the weather changed. In the interests of transparency, I sold for £200 which will also cover the eBay selling fees.


Just had a great call with Brimstone, who had sent me an e-mail yesterday evening. I had placed 2 orders at the beginning of lockdown with 2 different suppliers and they have now confirmed delivery dates of mid and end June. I was going to cancel these, but Brimstone has said he knows plasterers who will be happy to take the stock.
We also had a great call discussing the progress of my home renovations as I’ve been having some concerns. (So good to have a sanity check - thank you) Brimstone is kindly going to have a look and see if current builder is taking the proverbial.
Really nice community spirit, which is what forums are all about.