Lime primers - cheaper alternatives?


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Im looking for an alternative to DG27. Its really expensive and I need a primer. Thinking I could mix it up myself if I got the ingredients..... Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives or how to make it?


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What are you using it for, sample boards or a small job? You can buy the equivalent from mike wye or Hawk & Trowel in 1litre tubs.


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I am doing the same trying to make my own Pva.
Wood glue mixed with a little water seems like a winner.


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Don’t be a cheapskate use the right gear for the right job! If you’re in the trade allow this within price! If you’re a customer stop been a dick it is what it is! (y)


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I've been working on an adhesive to stick beads on using left over multi finish and water. Still in the R and D stage, but so far, working well.