Damp Issue?


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Moved into new house in the summer. We have had a few issues as it is a very old house that was returned back in 2014. The latest issue is dots appearing on wall when the room is hot. My guess is condensation or maybe damp? Its a kitchen/living room. Quite small. When I went to check external wall I noticed the gutter was blocked and water was more than likely getting in from outside as there is also a hole that the drainpipe was possibly draining into... Weather is very cold here at the moment and after cooking etc. The dots appear and are wet... Could anyone advise what to do? I have cleared the gutters all around house and am wondering if I should cement hole. I will post images of before and after of current situation. Any help would be much appreciated


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It needs eyes on it , probably an external issue , the outer wall getting moisture and the dabs behind the board absorbed the moisture leading to the dots

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Are you after a quote for gutting and thermal boards


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whoever has tiled that roof has done an awful job.
no underfelt into gutter and tiles short of gutter (should end in middle of gutter.}
Also tiles should extend 38mm past verge and have a slight kick up to keep water on roof area.
possible cause of water running down wall and wetting plaster dabs.
inform roofing police.


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Too regular size and spacing to be board dabs. As this is the kitchen I'd suspect condensation and some form of cold or less absorbant spots - maybe those plastic spacers 'tween board and a solid wall?
Roof is poor but I don't think it is the source of the problem, you'd get a different pattern.