Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

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Hi all,
We’re week 7 into our garage conversion and the builders have installed the french doors with windows either side, and just completed the plaster boarding and plastering. Upon painting, we’ve noticed the wall timber frame, plasterboard and plaster have gone completely over the frames. Is this normal? I’ve not seen this before and am wondering if this will cause a problem if we ever replace the windows and doors - will the new walls just come out too? Also have concerns about where the skirting board will go, since there’s no more room on the frames - surely it won’t go directly onto the glass?! I’ve read about condensation etc so am concerned about this in future too. We think the builder may have Mis measured the space for the doors and windows and has also built up plasterboard into a box along the inside left side for no reasons. He messed up with ordering our back door too so wouldn’t be surprised at this point. I’ve spoken to the builder to ask for clarity, but he would rather argue instead of address or answer my queries. Please see attached photos of the work so far and look forward to advice :) many thanks


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Has he used insulation boards . Should of got 75 mm frame . And I hope that's only bit of scrim he.s us
After another look it looks like you had plenty of room for it to be done properly, until he stuck the reveals, tell him to take them off, stick beads up and float and set it, if he uses sand and cement make sure he sticks the beads with it too and doesn’t top coat the same day. Then tell him to clean the bloody windows they are a disgrace
Builder is going to argue because it is a major cock-up and will cost him a lot to rip out and replace, if thjey even understand how to take poiut without structural damage. The in-between solution, not perfect but a solution is Mouldy's. Threaten him with Trading Standards if he doesn't agree and maybe small claims court.
Hold on to lots of money until it's fixed. If they walk off it's npot realy a loss with work like that.
ps, they can't cut and lay floors very well either.
Thanks all, will speak with the builder again regarding this and see what he says - not looking forward to it!
If he's overlooked the opening size or frame size and how it's all going to finish it's his fault end of story even the plasterer should have raised the issue with someone
If you're not happy with it get them to put it right
Did you wet fix them as well. Council round here are now using tile adhesive as they got cracks. But plumbers who I did says he.s not sure they even used mesh .
Yes mate this gaffs all over the shop but got some good fix and original is rock solid! Just a headache cutting backs off and fecking around be right customer not expecting miracles :ROFLMAO: