tapered edge used instead of square edge, can it be skimmed?


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Please would you advise.
I am renovating a house and using professionals where necessary, this includes plastering. I have used tapered edge boards because I am yet to make the decision on drywall or skim.
If I decide to pay a professional plasterer to skim the taper-edged boards (I have no plastering skills and would not want to attempt the job myself) then what preparation is necessary?
If I decide to go for drywall, what is the best tape and filler to use?
Is the Screwfix No Nonsense Plasterboard Joint Tape / Scrim Neutral 48mm x 90m (68520) a suitable tape to use, and what does skrim neutral mean?


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If you want it skimmed most lads would probably prefer to put the boards on themselves so they know what they’re working on top of so no prep really needed. Just make sure your walls are free of wallpaper where applicable and maybe move the rads if needed. Otherwise mate its mainly paper tape that’s used on tape and joint last I remember. But just about any self adhesive fibre tape should work aswell. And simplest filler to use I’d say is the gypsum easy fill. Can buy it ready mixed or can mix your own if you’re abit more experienced


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Ffs do plumbers,sparkys,joiners have everyone wanting to 1st fix there work!!!

Fine line between taking the piss sometimes!!!
Firstly I would like to keep my own work :)

We can skin tapered no bother

Don't tape and joint it... it will look pants