Plastering in this hot weather


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Strange one today. Over board and skim. So hot I thought.. Right.. 1 coat of gardz on board and banged on the multi. Done in one hit and hanging really wet. To wet to be honest as took 2 hours 15 to complete. I never set out to do in one. I normally do board in 2 hits. Plastering is a little odd when it's hot like this as you just got to roll with it


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This blokes obsesssed with sealing, talked shite before about artex sealer blablabla...

Lots of modern plasterers are terrified of suction. Probably because they've never done acres of F&S.
I'm never happier than when you put one wall on and have to lay it in and first trowel it before moving onto the next wall. I've finished thousands of walls with just two passes of the trowel after laying in.

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I.m loving warm weather . Get on it quicker and get finish better . Which tells me i.m a impatient b*****d b*****d in and should really put twice as much on . But that would be wrong on day rate


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Heat (Temperature) and suction are two different things and both will affect plaster Differently .Sealing plasterboard because the room temp is high will not effect the influence of air temp on the setting of plaster the same way plastering in a cold room will not control a high suction back ground .