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    Krend cracks

    Always had problems with Krend Cracking, also depends on colour which somtimes may add to the problem
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    K rend opinions

    its all down to choice but I still think Parex is the number one product on the market at the moment.
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    Pool to render

    Parex do a system that is suitable for swimming pools
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    Encon Nottingham will do a good rate, ask for Neil
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    converted to Parex

    Keith Jewsons promote Weber so I guess they won't get much from Parex, give Penlaws a go or Encon
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    converted to Parex

    Parex is great gear, once tried never go back to what you was using before....
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    k Rend Dash receiver

    Why use K-Rend, Parex Dash much better. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    Parex course

    James, next course in oct, think it might be in Nottingham
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    Render over existing painted surface. Help!

    I agree, get one of the manufactures to spec it up I also agree the Parex system as discussed earlier would do the job. Give them a call I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    K rend

    If you went straight on with KREND top coat, you are asking for trouble.... A whole lot of trouble. Not even worth a got take that advice from so one who knows.... HPX full Mesh 4-6mm then top Coat... Would ask KREND about Blue Clad as don't know if they still recommend this board has had lots...
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    ECO Funding grants.

    Thanks I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    Enywall Acrylic

    U want to use Parex they have an accelerator that you can add speeds up process no end. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    ECO Funding grants.

    Does anybody on here have some contacts of people / Companies I could talk to to obtain ECO funding for EWI works I need to carry out. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    External insulation

    Your worried about the soffit overhang, all you need is a verge trim drop me a line to discuss further. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App