1. L

    Top coat

    Hi chaps... currently working on some lime walls and my surveyor had specified he wants me to use limelite high impact as s top coat... wanted the conserv top coat but this is what I have ended up with .... any advice or pointer to using it ? Have used NHL 3.5 as a backing coat.
  2. E

    Plastering inside a fire place

    Have a brick fireplace that needs plastering; I’ve been told to do lime plastering for it. Which lime is needed; hydrated or hydraulic? How long will it take to cure/set til can paint over it? And will it need to be a specific type of paint? Fireplace is going to have a 4kw log burner/multi...
  3. S

    Smooth finish on Lime Plaster

    Customer would like a smooth finish similar to multi finish, unfortunately the wall needs to breathe so I've explained that multi is out of the question. Previously tried using Wykamol high impact finish which doesn't create the desired effect they want. From my experience you'll never get a...
  4. S

    Internal Stone Wall Options

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I'm looking for advice on plastering stone walls in my place. I have a Victorian property where all the walls (internal and external) are solid stone with thick horsehair plaster/ lime and multiple layers of wall paper. Some of the external walls are quite damp...
  5. J

    How to tell if moulding is lime or plaster of paris

    Hi, I've stripped the paint off of some decorative moundings in a early 1900's house. But I need to repaint it with a suitable primer / paint. But I can't tell whether it is lime or plaster of Paris, is there any way of telling? I've attached some images. Thanks, Josh
  6. H

    Victorian House replacing sand and cement render

    Hi, Just bought a mid terrace victorian property which has some blown textured render out the back of the property. There is also some thicker render at the front, which is in better condition and not blown. The walls are 9" thick brick without a cavity. We're starting to get estimates to fix...
  7. C

    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    Hello Lime Plasterers! 3 years ago, we bought a flint cottage. The first job we did was repointing the whole external gable wall ( with sand and nhl 3.5 lime as we are only a couple of miles from the coast) as the mortar was cement-based instead of the original lime pointing. We stripped the...
  8. Y

    New here...

    New here and not a pro by a long stretch but trying to do a couple of small jobs for myself and this place seems to be the best for it, alot of knowledge here! I'm putting up a small curved wall in back garden and ready to render but so many options available... I'm putting a couple of pics up...
  9. S

    Natural Hydraulic lime. NHL 3.5

    HI there, Just a few questions as there is not a great amount online that i can see with this product. (Natural Hydraulic Lime) Whats the general mix ratio using this product on external render? First and second coat? Also is there anything that can be added to slow down the setting time for...
  10. L

    Lime primers - cheaper alternatives?

    Im looking for an alternative to DG27. Its really expensive and I need a primer. Thinking I could mix it up myself if I got the ingredients..... Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives or how to make it?
  11. A

    Traditional plasterering / rendering gang required ASAP - North Wales (Corwen)

    Looking for a gang of plasterers capable of traditional lime plastering onto slate and brickwork walls, approx 120m2 and circa 40m2 of roughcast rendering. Immediate start available as we have been let down by another plastering contractor. Call/text Stuart on 07817 840 665 with rates and...
  12. Y

    70 sq m Lime render job between Kendal and Penrith and much more

    I'm looking for somebody who can do a lime render on a large house facade between Kendal and Penrith. It's about 70 sq m I think but could be wrong. Looking for someone who has worked on historical buildings, has a good rep on the forum, can take the old cement facade off and put a lime render...
  13. C

    Newbie - lime wall stains

    Hello. Am not a plasterer but slowly renovating 200 year old dump (AKA "home"). Slowly because we're living in it. The house isn't damp it's just tatty and had nothing done since about the 1950s. It's stone built, no damp courses and dry as a bone. The walls have the original lime plaster...
  14. Q

    Internal render on 1906 solid brick property

    Looking for some advice please, house built in 1906, solid 9" wall. Lime mortar, lime plaster. House has been gutted back to brick. What is the best way to go about rendering the internal walls, plenty of arguments regarding cement not allowing soft brick to breath ect, what's the alternative...
  15. C

    Lime novices in need of help!

    Hi guys! Really hoping someone’s able to help. We have an 1850’s Yorkshire stone terraced cottage. We’ve recently had our internal lounge (facing external wall) and fireplace wall removed of gypsum. It’s about 20sqm. We were quoted £3k to have it plastered and the guy said we’d be better off...
  16. X

    Wood wool, Lime OneCoat and Bauer’s advice/help needed

    Hi I’m talking with reference to this job I posted. I’d decided on bauwer but lead times for work and long drying times made me look for an alternative option. i then...
  17. I

    Rendering on Spar

    Hi got a job although I've been rendering for years this is a new one for me, rendering on spar! The client won't pay for it to be removed, as it's on tight and sound. My dilemma is base coat with or without waterproofer on top? The finish will be sponged so I'm thinking yes because this will...
  18. R

    Lime or Not To Lime - That is the Question

    evening All, I've had some good advice and need just a little more. I'm doing an internal s/c render and have the scratch coat on the walls. I used 4-1 with plasticiser for that coat. I plan to do the next coat tomorrow and need to know if I should add hydrated lime. I've got a bag already...
  19. M

    Lining paper covering lime plaster wall

    Hi there I have removed a wall hung book case. Below this is a line plastered wall. Someone has previously put lining paper directly on to this wall and it has bonded directly to the line top coat. Can I patch this hole or will I need to remove all the lining paper and then reskim the whole...
  20. K

    Lime plasterers, Pembrokeshire

    Wanted,quality lime plasterer needed for barn conversion, north pembs
  21. G

    Lime Plasterering in Surrey

    Hi I'm looking for a lime plasterer in Surrey (near Sutton). We're currently refurbishing a solid walled semi in stages and need the first rooms plastered. We decided to use lime to ensure the property remains as 'breathable' as possible (we had damp and mould issues where cement based...
  22. MikePlas

    Lime render over a damp wall?

    Hi guys, got an external stone wall that is damp, (inside coming out) that a customer wants hydraulic lime rendering. Done it many time before but not over a damp wall. Will the lime render control the damp? Thanks in advance!
  23. M

    Lime Mortar & SP +

    Hi, I have just signed up to this forum and I am in need of help and advise if possible please. I live in a granite cottage which has major damp issues, an independent damp specialist came out and advised that the render on two of the external walls (third isn't rendered) is sand and cement...