Victorian House replacing sand and cement render


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Just bought a mid terrace victorian property which has some blown textured render out the back of the property. There is also some thicker render at the front, which is in better condition and not blown. The walls are 9" thick brick without a cavity.

We're starting to get estimates to fix at the back. There is some sign of damp, but I don't think this is the render. It's more the fact that old owner installed external lights and fans and dug out the brickwork to install them without sealing them in. So rainwater running straight into the brickwork... :(

Anyway, we are looking into either patching old render or redoing it (and fixing the holes either way). I know that Lime render is supposed to be best for old solid wall properties, but is it essential? Silicone renders like K-rend look to be breatheable and there isn't a massive damp problem in the house, even with (badly applied) cement render. Is Silicone render ok for a Victorian property? It seems there is a push towards lime render, but I can't help thinking that there are a lot of Victorian houses without damp, that are rendered in more modern materials.

This is just for the back. We're probably going to leave the front and restore it to brickfacing at some point when we have more money.