Lime Plasterering in Surrey


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I'm looking for a lime plasterer in Surrey (near Sutton).
We're currently refurbishing a solid walled semi in stages and need the first rooms plastered. We decided to use lime to ensure the property remains as 'breathable' as possible (we had damp and mould issues where cement based plasterboard and plaster had been used previously which has now been removed).

The first portion of work is approximately 50 sq/m (18.5 approx of ceilings). It is a bedroom and the external walls and ceiling in a bathroom. The walls are ready for plaster, having been prepped back to brick. The ceilings have been boarded with wood wool board to carry the lime.

Ongoing the whole house will need plastering in lime. We will also at some point need the external render redone in lime based render and some brickwork repointed with lime, hopefully mostly in 2017, so this is just the start of the work.

Please call Gary on 07957 642 950.

I'm not even Sutton Coldfield I'm Sutton in ashfield(y)
I think lime work is easier than traditional sand & cement works
You just need to know your drying times.

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