1. Mitchq98

    DIY Rendering need some advice

    I’ve done a bit of plastering on my own house but now I’m going to attempt to do a bit of rendering. What’s the best way to go about rendering this part of my house. I know I need to fill some of the big crevices, especially above the window where it just crumbled. Just need some advice on...
  2. G

    Sand and cement: multiple scratch coats, general questions

    I'm rendering an internal brick wall as part of a DIY project. The walls are very uneven. Can I apply more than one scratch coat to help straighten out the wall? I started with 4:1. Do I have to weaken the mix to 5:1 for the next layer, or can I do a second scratch of 4:1 and then do a 5:1 top...
  3. T

    External rendering in Luton - 20sqm - Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire

    Hi, I am looking for external rendering on the front face of my house. Specifically, I want simple horizontal ashlar lines. The area is approx 20m and I'm looking to hire ASAP to beat the cold weather. Here is a rough idea of what I'm trying to achieve. Please get in touch.
  4. B

    K rend tc primer

    Need some advice We’re currently doing a k rend job (TC system) It’s 10m2 and 28 degree heat We’ve applied the primer 24 hours after finishing the hp12 hoping to just finish it tomorrow The client is a complete nightmare and has data sheet at hand saying 14days Can we wash off the primer...
  5. D

    Rendering advice and identification

    Hi all, I'm trying to do some research on the best way to tackle rendering my house, it's a timber frame ex council 1960s house and I've already had one plasterer say he's not keen on doing it due to movement, but I imagine he meant using sand cement. What I'm trying to figure out is what...
  6. R

    Rendering on the coast. OCR?

    Hi there I’m attempting to render the mullions of this house and the Yorkshire stone. I really want to use Weber ocr but am a bit worried it’s not the right product over the stone. I’m going to bead, mesh and bond it too. Do you think it’s the right product to use or would you just use something...
  7. W

    Ritmo l

    Hi I’m currently in the market for a Ritmo l and just wanted a little advice on the machine, I’d be using it for rendering. Is it really worth it, i rendering quite a bit so it would be ideal for my business.
  8. F

    Render ruined by rain

    Hello, I recently rendered a small side return on a new extension, once I had finished the job it rained extremely heavy, maybe 1/2 hours after I left the job it rained. It has damaged the render and the neighbour has kicked off saying she wants it re done as she has to look at it. Is it...
  9. H

    Silicone render attracting flies and insects

    Wonder if someone can shed some light. I had my house rendered using silicone render a couple of years ago and it seems to attract lots of flies and other insects. I am not sure if it is the colour of the render, it is a light grey colour. Any insight or advise on how to prevent, as they love to...
  10. C

    Garden Stairs Wall Rendering Advice

    I'm planning on replacing the old handrail on our garden steps, but figured it would be sensible to sort out the render on the stair wall first as there were quite a few cracks, loose render (where its blown) and weeds coming through. All loose render has now been removed and brushed down with...
  11. H

    Rendering to ground..... do or do not?

    Hi, I'm new to construction and am building a passivhaus. I've been messed around and stolen from by a dodgy.... but that another story... however it has left me cautious..... and now I have a rendering issue I was hoping to get some impartial advice on please. In short, it is EWI system with...
  12. O

    Hairline cracks on scratch coat

    Hello, The S&C scratch coat on a brick wall has some cracks as shown on the photos attached. Raised with tradesman and he said it will be fine once top coat applied but wanted to get opinion here if this is considered more than just hairline cracks for peace of mind. Thanks
  13. Tsplastering

    Predator machine

    Hi guys I’m thinking of getting the new predator rendering machine but I thought I would ask if anyone has got one and what you think of it please. Thanks
  14. D

    Best process to fix and plaster this wall

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to fix and plaster this room / wall, pictures attached. I have just purchased a 1960's ex-council property, removed the wallpaper and found that the plaster behind it was blown and needed removing, behind the blown plaster looks like a cement render...
  15. G

    Plastering onto blackjack

    Hi all, I just after some advice. I have a an external brick wall now internal as part of an extension to plaster, the client doesn't what to baton and board or D+D so needs to be rendered. There's no damp but he suggested about a two foot high from the ground coat of blackjack with sand and...
  16. D

    Advice sought for rendering costs for block of flats in NW4

    Hi I was wondering if anyone on here could give me some advice. it is in relation to a small block of flats, 3 floors, with a flat on each so a total of 3 flats. Based in north london (NW4) We have had two quotes for the rendering to be re done as it’s in dire need of replacing. The first...
  17. S

    When an interior wall becomes an exterior wall...

    Hello all. I'm looking for some advice on what to do with (now) garden walls that were previously interior walls. We knocked down an extension in order to create a courtyard garden about 18 months ago (it's a slow renovation!). The walls that were previously inside the extension are now going to...
  18. R

    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    Hi Guys, You have helped me in the past and hope you come up trump's again. Small garden wall, looking to render it. I have done some rendering in the past and it's been alright, good enough. But there is so much conflicting advice bon the concrete block planters. There is no DPM, and I would...
  19. surreygirl


    Hello All, I own a flat where we are having the whole of the outside render removed and re-rendered as it has become porous over the years. Also whilst the render is off I would like to have a damp proof injected to help witht he damp. I know a lot of people are skeptical about damp proof...
  20. Wjl1975

    Tools required to render sand/cement/lime

    Hi guys, im gonna try my hand at rendering an 1850s house. What tools would I need to complete the job. Thinking of sand cement and lime.Cheers
  21. B

    Garden Wall Rendering

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a landscaping company doing my garden and have just had the garden wall rendered, which I’m not very happy with. I’m after some expert advice as to what’s gone wrong, the finishing looks poor and they’ve also used white plastic beading that looks cheap. Am I being picky, or...
  22. L

    Medium v coarse sponge float

    Hi guys.. . My client has asked for a grainy finish to her render... I advised painting with Sandtex after floating up but she insists she just wants to. Use the paint she already has.. I was wondering if I used a coarse sponge float will it bring more. Sand to to top. And appear grainier than...
  23. S

    Natural Hydraulic lime. NHL 3.5

    HI there, Just a few questions as there is not a great amount online that i can see with this product. (Natural Hydraulic Lime) Whats the general mix ratio using this product on external render? First and second coat? Also is there anything that can be added to slow down the setting time for...
  24. F

    Eze k4 2019 machine for sale

    Eze k4 rendering and screeding machine 2019 model 20m of materials hose 20m water hose 20m airline hose Electrical cable Regular small spray gun Water barrel Eze genset 20 KVA petrol (generator) Petrol can -Extras worth £445 Test pipe outlet Mini jet wash attachment hose for cleaning...
  25. S

    Rendering on render board on a timberframe

    Hi I am new to this, we are building a timber frame house and wanted to put on a render board on the bottom with cladding above. We have been told by someone that silicone render looks awful after a couple of years, but don't know if we can use sand and cement render on the boarding without...
  26. N

    K-Rend on garden wall + rear extension in Walthamstow, North east London

    I need my front garden wall, rear ground floor extension and the front of our porch rendered. Photos are attached showing each of these. The front wall will need grey K-rend, the porch & rear wall will need white K-rend. We have most of the materials already (the K-rend and the corner beading)...
  27. B

    Pre-blended render

    Ladies and Gents, I hope some of you knowledgeable bunch can help. Background, i am a chippy by trade. I am building my own house and I had to have a warranty for the mortgage provider. I want a normal sand and cement smooth finish the render area is about 250m2 , I am not a fan of silicone...
  28. J

    water board liability

    last thursday, after getting aprox 20% through 2nd coat of fassa, the water board turned off water to fix a sudden leak in the village i weas working in. i had no idea it was going to happen. of course i struggled. i want to redo the flank but got to wondering if i am entitled to any comp from...
  29. J

    Advice/ first time using Renderboards.

    Hello. Thanks for having me. First time posting on here... iv done a few small monocouche jobs using weberpralM the last couple of years and all seemed to go well enough . Agreed to do hack off and re-render a small bay window area for a customer only to discover it was hollow (straight onto...
  30. JohnsonsPlastering

    Looking for work in the Leicestershire area but willing to travel!!

    Hi fellow plasterers, I never like asking people for work, as I feel rude but unfortunately sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. Which I am doing. My name is Edward, I'm 24 years old and live in Narborough, Leicestershire. I'm a hard working young man, whom can work in...
  31. I

    Rendering on Spar

    Hi got a job although I've been rendering for years this is a new one for me, rendering on spar! The client won't pay for it to be removed, as it's on tight and sound. My dilemma is base coat with or without waterproofer on top? The finish will be sponged so I'm thinking yes because this will...
  32. C

    New member here, supplier of plastering & rendering consumables

    Morning all, I work for a company called PM Hardware, we have been around about 3 years now. I myself have worked for a few hardware companies over the past few years but now settled here and building up the Staffordshire and Derbyshire areas and also the east Manchester/south Manchester and...
  33. S

    Rendering a Boundary wall, 2 different brick facings

    I have 30 sqm of boundary wall I would like to render, having never used krend or any of the other makes, I was advised to just go with scot rend as its basically sand and cement. back wall is concrete and the other brick is just common brick, joints are scrapped out, its all been cleaned and...
  34. D

    Smooth render with silver sand

    Hi people The builder who is incharge of the job as requested a smooth finish over brick.. He's got snowcrete with silver sand for top coat finish.. I won't have went down this route myself but he wants it. What's the best ratio for this? 5 sand 1 snowcrete an 1 lime? As heard the line helps it...
  35. JRW Rendering

    Hi Guys

    What machine do you guys recommend?
  36. O

    Ewi Job in Doncaster

    Hi We have an EWI job in Doncaster that we need doing would anyone be interested? Thanks Olly
  37. Tomasz

    Worcester plasterer new in here :)

    Hi I'm Tomasz 20+ years’ experience in all aspects plastering & rendering work .
  38. K

    S&C rendering on to reconstructed stone, bead then scratch or scratch then bead!?

    Hi lads, I'm s&c rendering over old 70's reconstructed stone work. As you can imagine it's not a completely flat surface to go on as the block surface is up and down. I'm thinking either, thin scratch coat to bring everything straight then bead so all the beads sit straight and pukka. Then...
  39. RETEP

    Do I need to Key the surface of Vandex for plastering

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  40. S

    Pral M temperature applications

    Quick one guys, Small render to finish in Pral M, hand application, approx 9 bags, temps gonna be 3-4 degrees all day and through the night tomorrow, am I ok now to whack it on after lunch and scratch it tues 1st thing Cheers
  41. S

    Weber on top of K-Rend

    Hi all, I am a HO and am currently having some rendering work done to my mid-terraced house. We kept the old sand and cement render underneath but had all the bad knocked off. On the front our renderer's used Weber.pral M and we are happy with it. On the back they used a K-Rend. We weren't...
  42. B

    Young lad after work please read..

    Hi everybody I hope everybody is well, I've posted in this forum a few times asking for work but I've had no look, let me explain my situation a little..I've always been a labourer for plasterers since I left school and I've always wanted to take plastering as a career choice, but I know...
  43. C

    Need your HELP!!

    Slightly off topic yet I feel this is so important to so many people who probabily use this forum! Please can everyone sign this petition and share on LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter or any other forums & social media which you all use. In advance, THANK YOU...
  44. F

    Rendering over lead step flashings

    Hello chaps, I've been on this forum for a while but this is my first proper post and am after some of everyone's expertise. I've just reflashed my roof and need to render the parapet walls. I have a bit of ground level rendering experience so may give this one a go myself. My question is -...
  45. B

    Please hear me out guys

    Hey all I'm the new lad who's been on here for a while now! Just like to say thankyou for the warm welcome off you guys! First of all I'm the lad who is from the Wolverhampton area and is looking to start work plastering properly, I'm been in and out of it since I left school and I admit! I love...
  46. D

    sand cement renders required

    we are in need of a good plastering team who can do sand cement rendering and skimming to damp proofing standards, full training given. we have 3-6 weeks ongoing works for the right person or team and have more work than we can handle so it could be a long term thing if your good. looking for...
  47. Render Systems

    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi I need a squad to help me quickly dub out approx. 200 m2 lime render... don't panic I will show you what to do... its only dubbing out not rocket science... and before the critics on here start with their opinions... its 3 coat work... the dubbing out will be protected with mortar fleece for...