1. R

    Expert advice needed (please!)

    Really appreciate any expert opinions on this please! Semi-detached house and this is the outside wall. I think the damp might be because the outside rendering needs replacing (but I’m no expert!) I can’t see any obvious problems with it, but it’s very old. The damp seems to be worse in...
  2. A

    Rendering over render

    Hi guy, I’m hoping to get a bit of advice about rendering over some old render. It’s my house so no sarky comments haha. Side of the house came off easy took 20mins to pull it all off. As shown in photo the wall has now been rendagripped. Unfortunately the front of the house is a different...
  3. M


    Hello people recently skimmed a sitting room celing and it has weird marks all over it was not artex celing got seal with 2 coats pva and skimmed in nicely you can not feel the marks but they look terrible there going to paint it and see if it covers any help would be great don't no what it is...
  4. J

    Monocouche rendering - has a poor job been done?

    Hi, I’d just like some advice on this eco rend monocouche job on a Victorian property I have been to look at. To me it looks like very poor workmanship. The render has only been on for just over two years. What are people’s opinions? Thank you for everyone’s time
  5. O

    HELP! - plastering over slurry (mums kitchen) conflicting advice

    HELP! Hello everyone - I’m looking for some advice for my mum who is an elderly lady getting a new kitchen installed. If you look at the attached pictures we have had a damp company (a) apply slurry inside and (b) inject sika 100 dpc outside. I was dubious of this but it’s done. They haven’t...
  6. H

    Difference between a Darby and a Speedskim?

    Hi, I've been looking all over the web to understand the differences between these tools and when to use them. As far as I can see they are both long, straight and flat blades. The difference seems to be that the Darby is made of metal (aluminium) and the Speedskim is made from plastic...
  7. R

    ? Sand and cement, ? K-rend, ? SBR first what do you pros think

    Hi Guys, You have helped me in the past and hope you come up trump's again. Small garden wall, looking to render it. I have done some rendering in the past and it's been alright, good enough. But there is so much conflicting advice bon the concrete block planters. There is no DPM, and I would...
  8. M

    Need some advice

    I've been plastering for 5 years and have recently started taking on private jobs, but this one has me stumped. Customer wants an exterior wall rendered but it's not so straight forward. Long story short it's either side of a doorway, one side has a 2inch reveal and the other side has no reveal...
  9. L

    Damp & salt - would really appreciate some help please

    Good evening, Last summer we bought a 1970s bungalow which we had fully surveyed & rising damp was not found in the property. No problems with drains were found. The pipes for the heating comes from above & not below the property. The vendor had previously had a chemical damp proof injected...
  10. T

    Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

    Hi there I just wondered if someone could help me out and explain to me the various solutions on how to fix damp and how to know what type of damp it is in the first place. (Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation etc) Currently i sub contract to a couple of businesses that plaster and...
  11. DarthStig

    Homemade Venetian Plaster Trial and Mostly Errors.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to redo my foyer and I want to do a Venetian Plaster but man, pre-made VP is *expletive* expensive. So being an art grad, I figure I could make the stuff like the Italians of old and man it's been a pain. So far I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to recreate it. So now I'm...
  12. A

    Help identifying plaster type and preparation

    I am renovating my house in the UK which was built in circa 1900 and have exposed some plaster underneath a couple of layers of wallpaper which I have now managed to remove. I am not sure of it's age or whether the plaster is lime based, gypsum based or something else, thus how original it is...
  13. G

    DIY rendering help

    Hi there as a farmer I’ve no right to be on here!:censored::LOL: But every time I search for answers on google and come here I get ‘you’ve reached the maximum amount of views’ so here I am. Currently building our class q, I’ve done the roof, cladding and fair bit of the groundwork’s, builders...
  14. L

    Advice needed on stained flags

    Hi all, i have had a contractor in and he has dropped some weber mushroom on the flags and i cant get it off! i have tried brick acid but it hasn't budged can anyone recommend a cleaner or method Thanks Les
  15. DanielD

    I need Help

    Hello everyone ,I would like to know the best idea to repair the wall,the damage was done when removing the paper from the wall with the wallpaper steamer,I had previously seen some cracks,but now it's something big,I think it's taken off half a meter from the bottom and almost a meter from the...
  16. S

    Wheres the best place to advertise?

    Ive recently gone self employed and just looking for some advice for the best places to advertise. Im currently signed up with Skillhouse directory and ive had 2 jobs from it this month, it cost me 35 pound to join for a month with no contract and choose my own working mile radius so im happy...
  17. J

    Plaster drying

    I recently bought out three walls with plasterboard and plastered them. This was yesterday 12.9.18 and I wasn’t told to leave any form of ventilation in the room so this morning when I entered the room there was condensation on the windows. I’ve opened the door and windows and it cleared. I just...
  18. JohnsonsPlastering

    Looking for work in the Leicestershire area but willing to travel!!

    Hi fellow plasterers, I never like asking people for work, as I feel rude but unfortunately sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. Which I am doing. My name is Edward, I'm 24 years old and live in Narborough, Leicestershire. I'm a hard working young man, whom can work in...
  19. Mbk04

    Pitting on overskims

    Hi all, anyone got the cause and cure of pitting on overskims, its mainly when im going over artex. I don't have a pic but basically it looks a bit like acne..and can look matter how much I trowel it it doesn't go. i know that it paints over fine but at certain light angles it makes...
  20. 1

    Help- needing to correct poor external monocouche job

    I posted a while back asking is my builders renderers had done a good job on my house.... long story short, they haven’t. It’s awful. So after waiting months my Builder has finally lined someone up the week after next. I have a couple of questions though if someone can help? 1) The guy is...
  21. J

    Looking for job!! Within 15 miles Burnley

    In desperate need of work asap!! Valid CSCS card, plenty plastering experience but have not done qualifications. Ready to go asap but need to be working with someone as I dont have my own tools Looking to get on as a labourer so i can get a day qualification done and get earning for my family...
  22. R

    Skim failed on ceiling what now help please!

    Hi guys, I skimmed a painted ceiling and questioned if there was enough suction. The walls are glossy ish but. The ceiling seemed not too bad. Anyways, I used Wba on walls and just 2 coats pva as normal on ceiling. Walls are fine but the ceiling has blown. I 've chipped all skim off- used a...
  23. T

    K Rend Vs Vimark. Thoughts?

    Lads, Currently stocking K Rend, but looking for another good quality Render System and have heard good things about Vimark. Your thoughts on the differences in the material would be great.
  24. B

    Plastering window surround

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum. I have done a little bit of skimming with good success but I am still very much an amateur, and I am hoping someone can help me with this question! I need to skim the surround for my window, but I do not need to skim the adjoining wall. Is...
  25. R

    Becoming a plasterer?

    Hi, I'm currently a delivery driver and wanting a career change. I've got learning credits to use after leaving the military last October. I'm looking at doing a 6 week city and guilds NVQ course to become a plasterer. Would doing this course help me become a plasterer? I'm also trying to...
  26. J


    Hi everyone looking for advise as im sure im not the first person to be having this problem. Basicly i have let my cscs card expire(been to busy to be on hold for hours trying to renew the card) not through trying to speak to someone a number of times. anyways my fault i know! i now seem to have...
  27. R

    Lime or Not To Lime - That is the Question

    evening All, I've had some good advice and need just a little more. I'm doing an internal s/c render and have the scratch coat on the walls. I used 4-1 with plasticiser for that coat. I plan to do the next coat tomorrow and need to know if I should add hydrated lime. I've got a bag already...
  28. J

    can anyone tell me what this is please?

    hi guys, can anyone tell me what this looks like to them? it doesnt smell damp and the wall is a terraced wall. i have been living in this house 1 year and it doesnt seem to have worsened in that time. thanks for any help!
  29. K

    Hiding soot stained chimney breast with battens/plywood/plasterboard

    all Just looking for some advice or ideas to cover up the attached picture situation please. Log/coal fire my mum had didn't have flexible flue installed so soot build up in chimney only discovered after painting walls. Getting flue installed now etc but the stains will continue to come...
  30. B

    Young lad after work please read..

    Hi everybody I hope everybody is well, I've posted in this forum a few times asking for work but I've had no look, let me explain my situation a little..I've always been a labourer for plasterers since I left school and I've always wanted to take plastering as a career choice, but I know...
  31. B

    Please hear me out guys

    Hey all I'm the new lad who's been on here for a while now! Just like to say thankyou for the warm welcome off you guys! First of all I'm the lad who is from the Wolverhampton area and is looking to start work plastering properly, I'm been in and out of it since I left school and I admit! I love...
  32. B

    Hey all!

    Hey all I'm the new lad who's been on here for a while now! Just like to say thankyou for the warm welcome off you guys! First of all I'm the lad who is from the Wolverhampton area and is looking to start work plastering properly, I'm been in and out of it since I left school and I admit! I love...
  33. Colm O'Donnell

    Please help! Advice on blown plaster.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help. My wife and I purchased a newly constructed home about nearly three years ago. When we moved in after a month or two, we noticed the plaster began to blow on one of the masonry walls. The builder kindly came back, chipped it back to solid areas...
  34. T

    K - Rend repair/ patching

    Hi everyone, I've looked at a few other threads on here about the above subject but I'm looking for a direct response to my problem. Unfortunately I do not have any pic's but here goes......I went to look at a job. It's quite a new house finished with k Rend (obviously) the customer has had a...