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    K-Rend HP12 basecoat

    Got 35 bags of this stuff not used on a job. Does anybody want some for cheap? Based in Devon, will cut a good deal on it lads :) hit me up if interested. J
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    Plaster in the eye

    I've got it in my eye a few times. It's generally not too bad it you can hose it out or rinse under the tap.. I've done it real bad once though, for a big bit stuck by my tear duct and had to get it washed out professionally. Not worth the risk for one set.
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    Looks like a new van might be on the cards

    All about the new transit custom imo. But if you must have a VW, it's a T30 for me.
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    Family Rates ?

    My family (that I like) get for free. Her family get charged full whack except her uncle (I like him also).. I think the richer ones should get it cheaper or free though, long term value and potentially gwt you in that will haha!!!!
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    Wee bit rough

    Lol how do people even manage to get a lid THAT rough ! It's like he finished it with a broom !!
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    I have never used an....

    Chuck some rapid in and get wickes accelerator, it's the best one I've used mate.. pretty cheap from memory and it def worked for us.
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    Limelite High Impact Finish.

    Agree with above. Long as you've keyed the lime properly should be fine. Put the finish on a little thicker than you would multi.
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    "You do for cheap price."

    Oh dear! Can't believe they didn't have h and s on a commercial roofing job ! Matey boy looks lovely, just the type you'd take to your grandmothers for Sunday lunch !
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    Builders rendering

    f**k me what is that lol I wouldn't have touched that either Jesus !
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    double kite winder

    +1 to plazi, the give in it helps curve it out.
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    Tales of the site

    We did a job for this young bird a while back and while she was out drew straws, the loser (subby I was using) had to put a pair of her strides on and do a lap of the house !!! he put them on over his trousers though the pussy ! Another good one was boarding ceilings and had my lad holding the...
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    Key stones and coins

    Where's the guy in Australia ? He posted some nice ones he'd done last summer. Can't remember his name now but work looked the b*ll***s
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    K-rend suppliers in the south

    TP and CCF are competitive in south west. Also key line too.
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    cracked render

    This It's gonna shrink like f**k that strong
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    I've used this stuff once, was pretty similar to normal sand/lime mortar from what I remember. 4 days us about right, maybe even 5 with the temp where it is.