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    First attempt

    not bad first attempt but always use a plasterer u dont no about when to aplly second coat and how to prepare a wall it could fall off due to a host of probs if its your house the fine if not then could cost u one thing i did notice was u didnt plasterer behind the socket which is a no no my...
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    What type of plaster is on my walls?

    thats y the paint hasnt stuc in places
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    What type of plaster is on my walls?

    picture 2 u can see its got lime in it see how white it is its need to greened bond it from gypsom then 24 hr can be skimmed
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    Plastering gang needed

    we are not far from there mate give us a call 07462237993
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    work essex

    agency rang me today theres a 3 week job in essex 140 a shift shop fit out needs all your info today or tommorow morning if anyones interested diamond agency contact is james 01268570570 mobile 07827949072 they need two guys starting mon reffrence essex plastering job
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    odd customer week

    thats the way fuc um
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    odd customer week

    if we all stuc togher just say 200 a day takes as long as it takes give a ruff time then we spreads woudent be moany undercutting f**k**s but thats life u dont see sparkys or plumbers or tilers in clapped out vans covered in **** and in the pub everynite sorry just tired yawwnnn jesus its 10...
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    odd customer week

    its gogle everyones a expert u have to be rude noawa days i had one be 4 lady said to me i have 40 metres of celing reskim i said ok she said ive checked online its 3 pound a metre so thats 12o pounds are u avaible i said yes sure be there tomoorow lol she phoned 9 am where are u i said i...
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    Beading 45 degree corners?????

    stop beads but make sue there plub and true by ur eye hard one to comment if not see but skim stop seems best
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    Float and set

    itt wil crack if u skim ceilin then float unless theres covin 101
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    Float and set

    float first jezz then scim edges the skim walls is it me????
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    Whos fault is it?

    yeah cut his wires then put them neatly in the box how they should be and then ignore him lol done it many times sparkys are ***** 2 ft tailings hanging out on the floor the ***** do that cos the price cable gone up they save it and cash it it end of year ...cunnnnttssss lol
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    Re skim blowing

    i no its a pain in the ass but use bondit green everthing pva is hit and miss now years ago people used one coat paint on new plaster not knowing it needed to be sized first or had no idea wat they were doin bond it cuts out all this **** had lots probs before paint peeling of in sheets ect...
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    Whos fault is it?

    he has paid the sparky handsomy already not your fualt in reality u shopuld have rang him theres never hardly a loft access in a bedroom but not your fault but if he is passing u lots work just do it and cuss him lol
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    Hi everyone, Newwbie ! Has anyone seen my tool.

    im lzy i just stuff the boxes with rock wool insulatation works a treat