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    Natural Hydraulic lime. NHL 3.5

    bought some hessian in Dec 2017, sold as 50 yards x 54 inches. Cost £45 from local builders' merchants.
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    under steps cubby hole ceiling

    Afternoon gents, no picture , camera ran out of batteries after filming other problems at the house. I usually work on outside walls requiring repointing/ re-rendering. Don't touch plaster.
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    under steps cubby hole ceiling

    morning to the Forum, I've been asked to do the above. Ceiling is brick, cubby hole is in basement front garden under the steps to the main door. SBR slurry, then press on a thin coat of sharp and plastering sand and SBR then 2nd coat just plastering sand. Rain does come down from cracks in...
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    Work boots?

    Dewalt riggers last longest but are b******s to get off and the lining starts to pull out, Apache are the most comfortable .The £25 riggers last couple of months and collect wood chips down the neck but are dead easy to kick off to go inside.
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    numb right hand

    I soak my hand in an old cooking oil plastic bottle that's had the top cut off and can handle hot water without distorting. I believe it brings extra blood to the tendons and joints. I get agg from the concrete breaker on fencing jobs I sometimes do.
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    @Lodan. Another good post, attracted opinion from respected regulars.
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    claim by customer

    good thread there. More than a few got surprised to hear the earning power of these new devices . Pay up what's on Virgin's repair ticket to keep yer ratings up, in future be firm when punters want you to plaster round new carpet, gold plated skirting boards or new Virgin boxes.
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    I need to rant and vent my frustration

    aaaaaaaaaah. The great general public have got worst over last four / five years & definitely worse since start of this year.
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    Plastering temperature

    respect to Malc and Hair Oil for still being on the tools. Any advice, not for plastering but keeping the body up to it. Fisons.
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    The blame game

    stuff like the alarm wire stapling try-on definitely expected from one-off punters, not so much the regulars. Yes, the attitude can change at drop of a plant pot. I film before and after with a digital camera taking a mini video, at the usual stress points like carpets/ light wall paper etc...
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    customers who text you

    another good thread. From experience, first contact by text usually means an attitude problem which surfaces later. @ kitchy and cod liver oil. A customer's gym nutrition adviser said take oil on empty stomach so it doesn't go out through the liver.
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    Shite finish bags

    yes, they get punctured easier when in van on way to job. Van floor looks like pink sherbert dab.
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    B&Q whats is the point

    Thanks for that Mac. The sheds have been doing the same with branded paints esp emulsions for few years now.
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    got my own back n it felt good!

    another good thread. Deffo got harder to be the winner against customer the last few years, they're suspicious and anti before you've gone through front door on first day. Unlike little Dom's ripped off punters, no-one offers me couple of grand up front, only a forgotten online payment afterwards.
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    Render Staining / Algae build up

    trisodium (sugar soap in a plain wrapper) and power washing both scour the surface giving the next build-up of algae a better grip.