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    anyone on here work/live in cornwall

    Cheers Tony We plan to relocate in a few months. I have sorted work out on the new builds near Newquay airport We are looking at living in I****n Queens We have 2 kids age 7&9 Is there enough down there to keep them busy? Cheers
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    anyone on here work/live in cornwall

    anyone on here work/live in cornwall? Need advice
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    Skimming plasterers wanted Dec time

    If you cant make 3.20 a metre pay you want shooting. Thats creamy dildo wages!!!
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    Plastic trowels

    What dya want stickers and flashing lights
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    Plastic trowels These are good
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    Heart problems

    I have a knackered bicuspid valve it works overtime to keep up and i get tired easy cos of it. i dont let it bother me i just crack on 3 gauges a day oh and me dad had 3 massive heart attacks the last one killed him he was 47 but it is whar it is you cant spend life worrying about what might happen
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    Finish coming off blue grit after 3 weeks!

    Whats wrong with pva its been tried and tested for 50 years and its cheap as fook if it aint broke dont fix it
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    Need help with plaster on wood

    You can apply acrylic paint with some sand mixed in to give it a key it will be fine i have done this for tge same application
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    Finish coming off blue grit after 3 weeks!

    Over board and skim to put right and stick to pva in future
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    pral m advice needed

    4-1 sbr over it and crack on peice of piss
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    Bloody board finish

    Im from wigan theres some proper filth here! Ha I just use it same as always pal not seen any difference apart from weather, temperature difference. I get 3 gauges on and finish at 3
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    No matter how weird a hobby it is ......

    I have 3 trowels 1 for floating/ renderin 1 for skimmin 1 for dabbin ive tried all the new stuff trowels and blades but they break too easy
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    Bloody board finish

    Been using board for 20 years and used alot of multi too. Board is the best its like spreading fanny juice, i love it
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    Please sign this petition - for an explanation about BG finishing products!!!

    Got some proper puffs on here danny, just mix it up and chuck it on. You use it every day so if you cant get used to it its time to pack in!! Maccies are always takin on