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    Gyp prime

    Has anyone used Gyp Prime for walls before Dot and Dab? Sand lime bricks walls suction level is too high even with 2 coats PVA. I know its expensive but not as expensive as re doing it!
  2. L

    Lime primers - cheaper alternatives?

    Im looking for an alternative to DG27. Its really expensive and I need a primer. Thinking I could mix it up myself if I got the ingredients..... Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives or how to make it?
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    Thin coats / primed or not ?

    We've got a badly done mono that we are tidying up for a customer. We've put a nice tight coat of Nivoplan all over it and will be spraying Mapei 1.5mm bucket coat over it to finish. We always prime first but I've been told it's not necessary unless it's an old, dry background. We want it to...