4 metre high walls.

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Done a few years ago, 3 lift scaffold, and hop up on top lift shitting myself.
Nee problem, done on my Todd...


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They say there's a Brazilian strain now!!!
3 new strains, then it will be 4,5,6!!
Who can prove they ain't lying!! If you don't think something is seriously wrong now then you must be simple!!
They have already said lockdowns can't be ruled out till the end of 2022!!
70.000 have been made homeless since this began, mental illness is going through the roof!!
And still flights come in!! If they believed it to be serious then the borders would be shut!!!
I do ponder with this myself.. if it was so deadly why is Scotland just testing idiots who’s been to Dubai for a holiday now. Tell me to stay at home yet other people are flying out an bring Covid back. Where the sense in that. No wonder the government have lost trust an the grip on this. Don’t blame people for saying f**k off.
That be yorkshire ripper mate. Pete . Jack was a southerner
How do you no he was a southerner. Just because he killed in London doesn’t mean he was a southerner........ where was you the night the murders happened. I think I’ve got my prime suspect and solved the mystery