4 metre high walls.

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Phew!!! Thank god for that, Norman. I was getting a bit “anxious”. You’ve put me right.
one of my customers pads


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Splitheads they were called. My old man moved house on Monday and I didn't notice them so he must have recently thrown them away.
They were a brilliantly simple way to put a full scaffold up for a ceiling. Wouldn't have been any good for 4m high work though.
sketch one andy please
Biut 4 5 years back . The wall with out the scaffold we had a little cheery picker
.swayed like f**k at top . Builder said put plank out so you got more walking space..

Put f**k**g plank out. I stayed on bottom half

Not a fan of working at height. No problem with a scaffold, but don’t like ladders too often. Took a cast iron stack down on my mates house a few months back off a ladder.
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