4 metre high walls.

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2 floors up. Got lightweight stepladders. Just need to turn the radio up and take the pain.
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They say there's a Brazilian strain now!!!
3 new strains, then it will be 4,5,6!!
Who can prove they ain't lying!! If you don't think something is seriously wrong now then you must be simple!!
They have already said lockdowns can't be ruled out till the end of 2022!!
70.000 have been made homeless since this began, mental illness is going through the roof!!
And still flights come in!! If they believed it to be serious then the borders would be shut!!!
lefties don't like borders shut though do they?
you'd think someone with Caspers standing and popularity in the trade that he wouldn't need to take on awkward jobs but then when ye got a go faster striped tranny, and a high maintenance wench cooking ye G**. food served on a G**. table with G**. wine to pay for ye can't afford to turn it down
I need to get out the house mate. Plain and simple. I’m a finely tuned athlete and I don’t do sitting on my arse


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What's the big f****** deal about a 4 metre wall surely you've tackled these type of things before you must have been in the game a long time at your age, it's just one 2 m lift