lime render

  1. O

    Should hessian be nailed into lime render scratchcoat? (external)

    We have some builders currently half-way through lime rendering for us. They've finished scratch coat ... but: -> I think without wetting bricks first -> have nailed hessian to this overnight (into the brick) until temperature consistently back to 5'c from Monday onwards What impact is this...
  2. D

    Lime render repair gone wrong - help!!

    Hello all, We've just had our render repaired after it started to fall off in big patches off the top of our wall. The builders stripped back the top metre or so of the wall across the whole elevation, and rendered with Lime render (the house is an 1830s construction with solid brick walls)...
  3. D

    Lime render repair work

    My house's render needed a repair (it was falling off at the top), so I got 3 quotes for replacing, effectively, the top 1.5m of render across the top of the front wall. The scaffold has just come down and it looks like this. The builder says that it need another coat of paint (it has 2 coats...
  4. C

    Lime Render - Is this repairable? Or renewal needed?

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice please. I own a Victorian property that's had its original windows replaced at some point with weaker UPVC, which has caused the lintels to fail over time. These have shown up as cracks in the render and allow water to enter the property if the rain hits the...
  5. R

    What lime to use in fireplace render.

    Evening all. I have a fireplace that needs rendering before a woodburner goes in. Have been advised to do it in a Lime render. Which lime do I want, hydraulic or hydrated and what’s the best ratio to mix it in? I was going to use cement boards but the inside of the fireplace is too rough and...
  6. F

    Harling Trowels

    Hi, just wondering.... For those of you who use a Harling Trowel, are you scraping the mix out of a bucket to apply it to the wall? If so do you find the trowel scrapes/catches the plastic off the inside of the bucket?
  7. Bauwer

    Lime based renovation render Rasolite, repairs of traditionally built properties

    This is to introduce our highly breathable lime based renovation render Rasolite. Rasolite is a high performance breathable one skim coat for buildings with sound, but ageing existing painted or plain facades, including painted renders in need of restoration. It has exceptionally good bonding...
  8. G

    Lime Plasterering in Surrey

    Hi I'm looking for a lime plasterer in Surrey (near Sutton). We're currently refurbishing a solid walled semi in stages and need the first rooms plastered. We decided to use lime to ensure the property remains as 'breathable' as possible (we had damp and mould issues where cement based...
  9. MikePlas

    Lime render over a damp wall?

    Hi guys, got an external stone wall that is damp, (inside coming out) that a customer wants hydraulic lime rendering. Done it many time before but not over a damp wall. Will the lime render control the damp? Thanks in advance!
  10. Render Systems

    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi I need a squad to help me quickly dub out approx. 200 m2 lime render... don't panic I will show you what to do... its only dubbing out not rocket science... and before the critics on here start with their opinions... its 3 coat work... the dubbing out will be protected with mortar fleece for...
  11. D

    Georgian house with Damp

    Hi, I'm purchasing a Georgian property, which has just been renovated using traditional lime render, but prior to the renovation it was open to the weather and moisture has built up in the walls. Now the developer obviously didn't take time to allow the walls to dry out before rendering, so...