Harling Trowels

What do you use a Harling Trowel with most often?

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Hi, just wondering.... For those of you who use a Harling Trowel, are you scraping the mix out of a bucket to apply it to the wall? If so do you find the trowel scrapes/catches the plastic off the inside of the bucket?
Harling trowels are brill for scooping from a bucket - one scoop from the harling trowel = two scoops from a bucket trowel.....less work and quicker. It's stronger and the curved shape and top lip stops gear going on your hands.
Harling Trowels
They take a bit of getting use too - you can't stand facing the wall, you have to stand at an angle to the wall. Love these for scudding - bucket under the left arm, sloppy scud and this holds it well.