Lime render repair work


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My house's render needed a repair (it was falling off at the top), so I got 3 quotes for replacing, effectively, the top 1.5m of render across the top of the front wall. The scaffold has just come down and it looks like this. The builder says that it need another coat of paint (it has 2 coats now, and the whole house was painted at the same time) - but the texture is quite different as well. The builder is saying that because he used Lime render (which is what I asked him to do - its a victorian/georgian cusp house with no cavity walls) the texture will look different (I think the 'older' render was a cement mix, but not sure). I thought texture would be more dictated by the sand used, but what to I know... I dread to think what this will look like in the sun.

Should I accept this work? Is there a fix? Suggestions welcome.


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One thing to add - the guys who did this are well reviewed, and the render itself seems solid when up close.