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  1. C

    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    Hello Lime Plasterers! 3 years ago, we bought a flint cottage. The first job we did was repointing the whole external gable wall ( with sand and nhl 3.5 lime as we are only a couple of miles from the coast) as the mortar was cement-based instead of the original lime pointing. We stripped the...
  2. T

    Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

    Hi there I just wondered if someone could help me out and explain to me the various solutions on how to fix damp and how to know what type of damp it is in the first place. (Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation etc) Currently i sub contract to a couple of businesses that plaster and...
  3. S

    Damp patch on internal wall

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for some advice please. I have a patch on the wall in my living room. On the other side of this wall is the kitchen. The patch on the wall doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger over a period of 10/11 months. However, it sometimes gets darker. The is a much smaller...
  4. D

    Expanding Foam into Cavity Wall Mistake

    I am a landlord and my tenants experienced issues with damp on the inside of a bay window and it didn't seem like there was an issue with condensation or ventilation (as is usually the case). I noticed a crack where the bay window render meets the brickwork on the outside of the house and...
  5. D

    Hello all! Dry damp looking patches help needed!

    Hi all, hope you're all well in these strange times! I'm a first time homeowner and have noticed these strange, dry damp looking patches on both sides of an internal wall between my bathroom and living room and wondered if anyone might know what's caused them and a potential fix? My girlfriend...
  6. D

    Dry Damp patches on both sides of internal wall

    Hi all, hope you're well. I was wondering if anyone might have come across anything like the below before? This is appearing on both sides of an internal wall, on one side is our living room and on one side is our bathroom, this is a house we've just moved into, we reckon it might be water...
  7. D

    Newbie needing to sort damp in bay window - current render is mix of lime, multi as well as a bit of cement tanking

    Hi This bay window in a Victorian built terraced house has been having a few damp issues. After investigating, removing the skirtings showed multi finish skim going right down to the floor, so I've started hacking that back given that it probably was wicking moisture up (there was green in...
  8. L

    Re skimming over existing plaster

    So I fixed a small damp issue on a house of a friend where a wall had just been plastered over plaster and plaster to try and fix the issue which I’ve now solved! After 6 months The wall is now completely dry, all the bits of plaster are flaking off the wall and there is a pile of dust on the...
  9. L

    K Rend damp marks?

    Hi - Recently I've noticed random damp patches on my 3 year old K render below a window and near frontdoor entrance. The damp markings seem to be worse when bad weather hits. When the weather is nicer the staining is still present I believe - less so maybe as the aspect is south facing so may...
  10. Taronus

    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Hey guys! I just registered on this forum and thought I give it a try as I am really struggling at the moment. I own an old cottage in Dorset which I’m renovating at the moment. The pre owners haven’t used the cottage for 30 years. So it has not been heated at all. every single wall is fine...
  11. J

    Tanking / waterproofing method

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this site after using it for information regularly over the past year, so go easy on me. I am renovating a 1930s ex council property in South Wales. It’s built with cavity wall bricks and the walls inside are mainly black mortar, but in good enough...
  12. M

    Plaster detached from previous damp issue

    Hi there, I've just bought a house (1930s ish) where there is evidence of previous damp, as plaster has failed in certain places (lower corners of the living room) and has either crumbled off the wall or bulging in certain places. I cant find any evidence of existing damp or water ingress...
  13. P

    Damp Issue?

    Hi, Moved into new house in the summer. We have had a few issues as it is a very old house that was returned back in 2014. The latest issue is dots appearing on wall when the room is hot. My guess is condensation or maybe damp? Its a kitchen/living room. Quite small. When I went to check...
  14. G

    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Hi there I’m looking for some help and in desperate need for advice I brought a 1930s bungalow in the summer and started to notice mold and wet on the ceiling corners forming as the weather turned. I then started to experience soaking wet Walls in all corners of the exterior walls - from the...
  15. Q

    Internal render on 1906 solid brick property

    Looking for some advice please, house built in 1906, solid 9" wall. Lime mortar, lime plaster. House has been gutted back to brick. What is the best way to go about rendering the internal walls, plenty of arguments regarding cement not allowing soft brick to breath ect, what's the alternative...
  16. B

    Basement Victorian Flat Damp Woes

    I live in the basement flat of a Victorian house that was converted back in the early 80's. During my two years here I've noticed damp issues with quite a few of the walls, where paint and other unidentified layers have come away from the walls. I'm wondering if these problems are mostly due to...
  17. R

    Insulating boards - 1930's Semi question

    Hi everyone I've bought a load of standard boards and now decided I may want to insulate them with polystyrene, can this be done? Literally some spray glue and bosh... I only ask because I've already got the boards, and have a few cold spots and damp patches in the old plaster. Upstairs I've...
  18. P

    Damp PROBLEM in bay window and surrounding area

    I have a damp problem on and around the bay window at the front of my house. I've had a damp survey done which has flagged high exterior ground levels - which I'm getting reduced - I'm also going to install three new air vents as all have been concreted closed. I've removed all of the interior...
  19. C

    Unsure of what this is

    Hello everyone. I have a house built in the 1890s and there is small signs of damp. I took these pics from under the floor boards and wondering what these are and what is best to sort it. I believe I may need a new dpc. Any advice would be great. Chris
  20. K

    Damp Proofing my bathroom - Heyen or Sovereign solutions?

    Hi, i'm looking at damp proofing my flat myself after getting a professional quote, the company listed the following.. Bathroom 1) To apply anti-sulphate onto the brickwork. 2) To plaster the wall with sand and cement with SBR additive. 3) To apply 2 coats of tanking slurry with a 150mm lap...
  21. A

    Plastering over a previously water damaged wall - need advice

    Hoping for a little advice if possible. Our boiler sprung a leak and water trickled down through the floor and damaged our bathroom wall. Thought i had dealt with the damp and waited months before stripping the paint and replastering. However when i did replaster parts look wavy. Uping touching...
  22. H

    How to choose a dpc specialist

    We have had a dpc solution provided in the same places twice and damp is now reappearing for the third time in the space of 15 years. The previous two times the work was guaranteed but the guarantees are worthless. I have found 5 local damp specialists. I have managed to get 3 to visit and...
  23. A

    Advice on newly plastered wall

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new property and was redecorating the front bedroom. I hadn't noticed ant problems with the walls when stripping the wallpaper or on the old plaster but there appears to be a section in the room that may be showing signs of dampness. The plasterer who did the...
  24. RETEP

    Do I need to key the surface of Vandex to plaster?

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  25. RETEP

    Does Vandex need to be keyed before plastering over it.

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  26. RETEP

    Do I need to Key the surface of Vandex for plastering

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  27. RETEP

    What's best; Vandex, Dryzone, or something else?

    We had a penetrating damp on a wall. The exterior is fixed. the interior plaster stripped back to brick. When I stripped the wall the whole thing was holding water, but now it seems to have dried off. We Just want to seal it up incase the problem on the outside comes back and starts allowing...
  28. J

    can anyone tell me what this is please?

    hi guys, can anyone tell me what this looks like to them? it doesnt smell damp and the wall is a terraced wall. i have been living in this house 1 year and it doesnt seem to have worsened in that time. thanks for any help!
  29. MikePlas

    Lime render over a damp wall?

    Hi guys, got an external stone wall that is damp, (inside coming out) that a customer wants hydraulic lime rendering. Done it many time before but not over a damp wall. Will the lime render control the damp? Thanks in advance!
  30. R

    How do I stop this damp?

    Hi all, new to TPF, looking for advice on how to stop my damp problem. I have damp patches in various places on the ground floor of my 1900's terraced house, main place being the hallway (old quarry tiles on the floor, not sure what's underneath) and the dining room, ( solid floor, might be...
  31. L

    Dot & Dab 9" solid wall (no cavity insulation)

    People have so many different ways of doing things now, it becomes very confusing on what is actually the best way!!. So i thought id see what different ways you would all deal with the following situation. So the render/plaster in a bathroom is blown and comes away back to the brick. How...
  32. J

    Need advice on plastering penetrating damp

    My gable end needs externally rendering to stop penetrating damp, but this can't be done until spring time. In the meantime I need to re-plaster said wall internally due to a blown skim coat. I'd like to stop the penetrating damp coming through the wall until I can render it, how is best to do...
  33. D

    Georgian house with Damp

    Hi, I'm purchasing a Georgian property, which has just been renovated using traditional lime render, but prior to the renovation it was open to the weather and moisture has built up in the walls. Now the developer obviously didn't take time to allow the walls to dry out before rendering, so...