Dark marks on walls


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Hello, I'm new to this forum so hopefully this is the most appropriate place for this thread!

I'm looking to buy a top floor flat, my only concern is some dark marks on most of the walls (internal and external facing) and ceilings. The external facing walls seem to have marks that correspond to a dot and dab pattern and the internal ones are generally more broad and above radiators. The ceiling marks are more random and I would like to get into the loft to see if it is just where there is missing insulation.

It seems to be some form of ghosting but I'd really like to know if anyone has any other thoughts or ideas to fix it (insulating plasterboard, PVA, just paint it, lower the humidity etc)? I will also be at the property tomorrow if anyone has a good idea of what I can do to investigate.

Links to a video in the living room and photos (let me know if this should be uploaded here directly).


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Up to the owner
You can get a decorator in to do his best or get the lot smashed off and start again
Decorator £1k - £20k smash and re do

Priority - What is with that crack in the corner?

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Any idea what those remedial works will be?
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