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    Site to domestic

    The wizard made the jump, it was a great leap of faith. Being known as the fastest site plasterer known to human kind was a hard title to leave behind. I done it for the money, I spend half my time these days prepping up. Then putting 40m2 on, double coated may I add, I know, I know...... For...
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    Help needed please - advice on quality of work

    Very rare you see boarding like that ever, I'd probably say your average boarder on site would be about one step up from the original photos
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    Tax returns put off until 2021 now aswell fuckin hell
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    The que in the bargain booze at the bottom of my road was out the door lads buying couple of crates each
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    Mad mad times I was born in 92 and have honestly never seen world governments reacting to anything like this in my life time.
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    UK lockdown this friday

    In all due respect mate, we haven't got a clue. I highly doubt a Tory government would want to destroy its own economy because that's what's happening A virus that didn't exisist on the planet 15 weeks ago has managed to get a decent foothold on nearly every continent on the planet.
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    UK lockdown this friday

    To be the people who think this isn't going to happen, aboustely brain dead. You can like it or not but right now it's not even up for debate, we are going into Spain, France style lockdown very very soon.
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    The size of it mate

    I dont think width of blade has much effect on finish. Arguably a wider trowel can hold more gear so you could say it could help you get it down faster You can trowel up with a speedskim with a blade less than a 1mm
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    Not often you see this!

    Is he offering £6.80 a metre on a room that less than 15 square metres? That's less than £100 with materials if so
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    The grey area

    You can plaster on every single site I've ever been on with a green card (labourers) card. This is pretty much common knowledge to any one. So what is the point in being qualified and holding the blue card?
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    Cheeky b*****d

    Just add this stuff to the the many reasons I swerve 99 percent of all domestics. Most customers don't have a clue and will expect a ceiling skimming for 40 quid. I honestly love hearing customers on here moaning about the standard of plastering they've had done in a room for £80. They deserve...
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    50/50 yes or no

    No amount of bonding or scrim is gonna stop a crack caused by movement in the building, these buildings weigh 1000s of kgs, unfortunately scrim and bonding isn't rated for that. Removing all old wood around windows or chimney breast before beading will help stop the wood suck moisture out of...
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    One coating plasterboard..

    There is firms out there now that if you can't one coat a 100 metres in a day they just take you off site and shoot you.
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    Bonding 60

    Throw a few handful of cement powder into the bonding mix and you've got yourself bonding 15
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    Young ens

    Everyone my age or younger loves to quit, that's why. They won't stick nothing out. 30 plus lads started the 3 year NVQ that I did, 3 of us passed out and finished. 90 percent of my course were only there because the government at the time were paying them EMA to be there