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    They are bullet proof if looked after proper and much better than the k12 which ended up with far to many poorerly finished Renault parts in them.
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    Couldn't of been a factory one cos they never, ever, ever made one of those Micra with any kind of turbo at NMUK and I'm not sure they made one in Japan either.
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    Swimming pool

    There's nothing wrong with jumping in at the deep end.
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    Hi mark cracking dot dab

    You can get unibond white sanitary silicone for a lot less than that in home bargains ;)
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    Didn't mind a bit of the Meteor's back in the day. I've still got wrecking crew on vynil.
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    Buying separate pir insulation and plasterboard - cheaper

    More like my fat old finger rolled onto the p, combined with no reading glasses and a devil may care attitude ;)
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    Old bloke on a mission...

    Question 1, No Question 2, yes Basically, if I'm understanding you correctly, you are hoping a sheet of gypsum wrapped in paper is going to pull up bellies in the lathe and plaster. Trust me it will not.
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    Faux Beam info!

    It was airborne who posted the thread a few years back. As for colouring then experiment with paints and wood stains to get your colours right. Also if You wanted you could make a latex or silicone mold from old aged timber around knots and speed up the process of forming the knot.
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    Plastering Charges v brick laying fees

    I've seen labourers sent to do test panels on sites where the min price for a house was 300k ( and I'm going back pre 2008) and they have been signed off by the architect and site agent. The brickies could not believe their luck when they saw the standard that was deemed ok. I've also got an old...
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    My mate had a proper cosworth RS 500 not the 4x4 sapphire sheite, it would leave my GT turbo grasping and failing miserably to keep up.
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    I had a GT turbo raider for about a year in the early 90's and yes they could certainly shift.
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    Plaster advice

    It's a term used around and, north of the border for chase's and small patches. I've explained this before somewhere on here.
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    Ever soldered your beads?

    I stopped it as soon as he said, "just to touch base" Never trust a man who wants to touch base
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    Damp random circles appearing on wall (Photos)

    Check all your gutters, down pipes and pointing etc and get a cavity inspection done. It could even be originating from somewhere on your roof or flashings. I would be surprised if there was nothing stuck in the cavity at those points.