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    Welcome along trevor
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    NHL \ quick lime, but you could try with hydrated however I doubt it would work as it will not set the same way NHL dose.
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    Parging foundatuon.

    Heat it up with a blow torch and then blind it with sharp sand for a key. Anything you put on top of it will take forever and a day to dry out though.
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    Struggling now!!!

    Exactly Exactly (y)
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    Rats !! Are the problem

    Do my bit at least once a month with the Patterdale and before she gets a go the air rifle.
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    Struggling now!!!

    honestly get yourself an Airfix model or something off of ebay. I was drawing plans to make a Cesna out of some scraps of 4mm ply last week. Also started whittling cos something popped up on my Facebook feed so now have a set of wood carving knives on order cos I reckon the Stanley knife I've...
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    Whos currently working???

    I haven't done anything since November when I put my notice in on the part time job I had. The last time i plastered anything was a bathroom for a mate in october. A builder i know is doing a single storey extension 3 doors away from me and every day when I walk past with the dog he asks if I...
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    Have all merchants shut

    fortunately I'm still young enough to say yes :censored:
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    Have all merchants shut

    Just asked my mate here and he reckons they should all be closed
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    New drill/driver.

    Oh alright then Mc HILTI
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    My good lady...

    Aye the riverside. There's a cafe called the milk bar on the corner i put a concrete bay outside of a few year back and did a fair bit work on the big old house just behind it.
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    My good lady...

    We've had this conversation before, wooler. QI fact here, if you live on holy island and have nippers, they are entitled to a place at a boarding school for free ! Due to the tides and not being able to regularly attend a state school !
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    My good lady...

    nah when you work on holy island it's a 10 hr shift cos of the tides. Done it a few times.
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    My good lady...

    She would more than likely have to work up here unless you were going to be doing the move totally debt free i.e. Buy up here for cash and money in the bank. yes there are cheap houses but there's no shortage of million plus houses in the North East either. Barring real family crisis it's more...
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    My good lady...

    There is money to be made but, obviously it would take time to build up the contacts \ customer base. Day rates you would be doing well to get £150, there is no shortage of peeps who will work for a £100. If you were coming up cash rich so to speak i would be looking at renovating stuff yourself...