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    WORK 7 DAYS a week ?

    I agree with Jack the Lad I've been plastering 43 years still love it 7 days doesn't bother me. Nice to be in demand.
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    Material Prices.

    The monsters sound great, but I love Jaffa Cakes, Sainsburys doin best offer Steve.
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    Material Prices.

    Have noticed builders merchants still creeping prices up. But seems B&Q trying to help by dropping Multi finish price, any body know of any great deals.
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    van plyline.

    I'm doing the same to my Toyota Hiace so I can get 6x3s in flat.
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    Skim additive.

    I still prefer the Mcdonalds answer a while back.
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    scrim or no scrim

    i have never scrimmed screw or nail heads, especially when we used to use dute scrim. Crazzzzy.
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    Bonding, in thin scratch coats no problem.
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    I'll pick up in the morning.
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    board finish

    All of BGs stuff seems crap lately,had multi go off to its dark colour but still soft on spot board.Always the same every year between November and February.
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    job I have just completed.

    Looks great Rich,really quality work, can't show you any of our work aint got none.
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    correct sand

    We use Leighton sharp sand with a touch of soft, but find the soft sand varies in colour and texture quite a lot.
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    Moisture resistant plasterboard

    Got anything I can skim Rich.
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    Skimming price per m2

    Me £200, other spread £170, labourer £70= £440 Lets hope I get it
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    Skimming price per m2

    Thanks for all your comments everyone, one thing it sure points out what a massive difference in prices across the country.Expensive I maybe but I seem to have struggled through for over 35 years.