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    how to handle situation?

    Sorry just re read your post As you say mate your job was done. I would tel the customer to ring said plumber uless he was sub contracting to you. And explain he has stained there grout they would sharp ring him if he walked oil throught there carpets. Offer the customer a soulution and tel...
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    how to handle situation?

    Re do it and Seal Guard it do a search for it its exspensive but fantastic. suprised the grout stained with that is it water proof grout What area is it ?
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    What causes skim to crack?

    Just been to look at a flat I skimmed over 6 months ago. Full re skim walls and ceilings uni bond and skim. There is hair line cracks appeared all over the place, on every wall in the flat and some ceilings . The cracks are hairline and go vertical horizontal and at angles and the plaster can...
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    offered a job for £

    Whats that all about Oasis
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    OAP Discount

    OAP Discounts ? ' What you talkin about willis ' ;D
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    offered a job for £

    Stick at it mate its out there just got to find it ;)
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    Damp Job

    How do folks Been to look at a job today they have got damp on an old extension single skin brick with render on the out side. The render is in the house next doors garden and caries down the party brick wall and its down to ground level. I will be removing the lower section and fixing a bead...
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    12.5ml boards

    12.5 for dabing and ceilingd unless space is an issue or profiles price of board should not be an issue its the right tools and gear for the job always
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    Skimming over Easi- fill?

    PVA joints Skim in two if needed plent of water on the joint and brush it in. Give it a mist coat of paint when dry if there is any snags catch them with easy fill and sand
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    Frozen pva

    Bucket of warm water for me
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    Ceiling advice

    Without seeing the cornice i would just say board tight up to the lip and skim it flush
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    Damproofing Advice

    He new there was a rabbit off from the start All sorted now the guy came back out and tryd to say he had done it and ask if we wer trying to pull a fast one after a bit of talking to he admitted to not doing it >:( and asked if he could come back on monday to put it right :o and he would need...