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    Top shine !

    fine wax Norm
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    Any tips on polished plaster would be a win!

    Always have separate trowel for burnishing. As for products, yes it should be but it does depend on what you are using aswell.
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    Any tips on polished plaster would be a win!

    Hi Tomahawk. Answer is quite simple as James mentioned. Clouding is created by going to thick on final coat.. Don't know what procedure you are using, can also be because the lime in the polished plaster that you are using is of not great quality aswell as not going tight enough on the final...
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    First attempt at venetian plaster

    Carrara Classic Finish distressed
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    First attempt at venetian plaster

    nice work Ash. Here's one for you aswell.
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    Best material in the Uk?

    Just for the record so that you know Venetianzak just for the record, many years ago Armourcoat went to Coverit in order to close a deal with there materials, however, they took various samples from them and imitated their products later on. Their Key coat and Spatulata are key indicators, to...
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    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Oikos is not venetian it's a fancy acrylic paint. Take it from me. Blue bell franchise of oikos played around with including san marco (mrco polo) another acrylic. it may shine but understanding what is good is imperative
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    Sharpen the edge to trowel standard and you are on a winner.
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    wher do i learn this then

    Clean Tools Clean work. Where did you learn Mike
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    wher do i learn this then

    Understand what you want to learn, why, where you go, plan etc and go for it.There's shed loads of finishes out there, but most importantly go and visit centres that offer training and then judge it yourself, Or go back in this forum of history as all questions are answered.
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    Incorrect Colour additives and the consequences

    Jack Stucco Italiano are struggling due to coverit controlling UK more and they are plowing more dosh into it aswell. S.I were using Coverits gear and rebranding it but they won't let em do it anymore. As for colours you can match anything from Primary colours, do not use Acrylic ever, Or any...
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    Recommended primers

    Mate stop chancing and cutting corners. Us the right stuff. wax is wax and primeris primers. Don not use WBA, Blue Grit. As for Venetian Marble Plasters what brand of gear you talking about?
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    oikos pre mixed plaster

    Bluebell (Oikos) is a franchise in uk it's acrylic and its a load of codswallop. Don't getmislead at the end of the day it's a fancy paint not Venetian. Hope this helps.
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    Price of marble plaster.

    I think Not some how. MADAM BECKY ADAMS - Hello! And with all that experience she's a floor layer. I don't think so. Yep it is her.
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    tadelakt substrates

    Ok Twitcher, I'm not teaching you to suck eggs,any chance I can see your work, i'm not going to even think about start loading my website onto here and I don't need to advertise on here, and I won't however, the debate is called logic, work it out for yourself. I suppose when you have been in...