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    Monojet for sale

    Hi, Please see add below for mono jet and briggs abd stratton. I am offering the machine and genny for 3650 cash no offers. I had it out at the weekend and the booster pump isn't working so I will be selling as is although it may just be seized as it hasn't been used for a while. Call me...
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    Pft Monojet & briggs Stratton geny for sale

    Pft Monojet plastering machine, bought new from Lord and Downing. Gen plus systems, Briggs and Stratton 12.5kva generator also bought new. Only 184 hours on machine and generator (photo of hour reader) Very good clean condition as you can see from photos. 40m of hose. Sensible offers please for...
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    Monojet and generator for sale

    Pft monojet Briggs and Stratton 12.5kva Genplus systems gene 40m mortar hoses. Various rotor and stators. Water pumps to work from butt. And basically everthing else you need to spray render. I have literally only used the machine for about 6 houses so in very good clean condition. I am...
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    not really a rendering question but......

    I'll try that fatarm cheers mate
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    What machine 2 buy

    Hi lads How much is new ritmo? What is difference between them all the XL L etc etc What is pumping distance max for mono/cpi sand and c run off 240 mains? How many L per min do the rotors go at for mono is it like a D63 output. Cheers
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    not really a rendering question but......

    Aye but which one is gonna do the job mate. Just used general purpose before
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    Same day or next day scrape?

    Doing blanc du litteral what would you guys do with temps about 15-16 deg would you go for late spray and early next day scrape or do you reckon it will go off in time for same day scrape. Last time did next day it wa bout 18- 19 deg and was there at 6am and was only just do able. Temps been a...
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    not really a rendering question but......

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. I have silicon sealed round the windows and expansion joints of 3 houses I have built and rendered in monorex. Round windows is stop beaded where ingoe/reveal meets window (which is alu clad windows) with pvc beads. Anyway a...
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    What machine 2 buy

    Definitely get a machine you wont look back. pft are great to deal with and know their stuff. Cheers
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    Mono quantites

    parex is 30kg mate aye
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    Mono quantites

    it was just the weather at the time why we used accelerator as it was too cold for same day and weather was very iffy with possible rain forecast most nights as it quite often is in up here!
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    Mono quantites

    Spunky ghosting was parex g00. Wezly ill try those SAS beads on this next job. Can you tell me mate which angle you go for 10-14mm or 15-20mm? Cheers
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    Mono quantites

    alright machine pals Not posted for a while. Been busy plastering inside- bad times! Anyway last job i did i worked out I was using 1.5 bags of parex per m2. This is onto good blockwork (did it myself so I know it was plumb etc). So I seem to be using a shed load of gear as they say only 1...
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    difference between r and s'

    thanks for answering my question is that st helens nr glasgow where you are? Im on SKye. Got much work on?
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    your work is sh1t hot mate. you deserve to do well All the best, Ben