whats your scratch render of choice?

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regardless of price or availability..

if you walked into merchants and all brands were stacked side by side same price per m2... what would you go for?


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Vote for Weber, used the fassa and is lovely gear sprayed great was like using a soft lovely ball of fluff but not happy what it done to my paddle

Think Weber ocr is crap though compared to the others


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Enewall for application purposes,its lovely and creamy to rule, but takes an age to set.
Parex for availability, range of colours , one of the few to make a true bright white, value for money in 30 kg bags, more forgiving, but eats the Shite out of your rotar and stators.
Weber for a quick set,but always pricy even buying at volume, and being a quick setter in winter works against you.
Fassa for being great to rule,and cheap but again a ridulous slow setter
K rend.... great for filling up the skip..


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I do like the sas gear aswell but it’s hard to get hold of now, as very few stock it, so it direct plus cartridge, time constraints etc.


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I think Owls has covered it. Wetherby is good but on my own house it would be Fassa and done in the cooler months as an overnighter.


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Enewall make a lovely colour called York, one we did recently


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Fassa for me...just accelerate if you need it faster...only issue is backup for Fassa, Reps can be difficult to get hold of and technical advice hit and miss.


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No, although there acrylic is 2/3 of the price of there dpr. Mind all monorex drops to 25kg bags soon so in effect it will be another price hike as the price won’t drop 15%.
The price was reduced pro rata when parexal went to 25kg last Summer and then again with monoblanco at Christmas.


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The price was reduced pro rata when parexal went to 25kg last Summer and then again with monoblanco at Christmas.
they have only dropped it 5% if the bags been reduced by 15% it’s a 10% increase, that’s after the 5% increase last year that 15% in less than a 12 month span, it’s ridiculous.