Whats the best company to buy Polished plaster from?

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Hi lads, im looking to do a feature wall in my own house in Lucido, ive used polished plaster before just the once on a small wall about 2 or 3 years ago. It turned out ok, im wondering what company sells a good quality material, im over in Ireland, i cant seem to find anybody who sells it over here, any advice would be appreciated


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Try imperative Italia,there based in London but deliver all over.Ask for peter and he'll sort you out mate.Ive used wall effects in the past but it was a while ago and there based in Ireland.Let us know how you get on mate and post some pics.


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give andy a ring at gold trowel 01708 344700 @RobJack
Couldn't agree more. It's personal preference with gear and most people find one they like and stick with it. I've tried a few manufacturers of Venetian products and I prefer to apply venezia stucco from Andy at Goldtrowel. It's well priced and it easy to use


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Marcopolo decor stock San Marco material. They have some nice products. Goldtrowel also stock san Marco too