polished plaster

  1. R

    Polished plastering

    Hi all For a long while I have been itching to get into polished plaster but really don't know what the best way is to getting into it. There is the the beginner courses I have seen but I always have reservations about these with not knowing anyone who has been on one. Any advice and info would...
  2. Hikitia SD

    Hi from Hikitia

    Hi guys, we are Hikitia Surface Design, we do Venetian Plastering and specialist finishes, excited to join the Forum. If anyone wants to see what we do, please check out http://www.hikitia.co.uk
  3. Julian Baker

    Seal pink gypsum and NOT paint it

    Hi I'm not a plasterer. I've had my flat replastered and I really like the pink mottled plaster look, reminds me of holidays in Italy, and I want to leave it as it is. But I'm aware that it marks and any grease, even from hands, will blemish it. So it needs sealing, ideally so it can be washed...
  4. R

    Whats the best company to buy Polished plaster from?

    Hi lads, im looking to do a feature wall in my own house in Lucido, ive used polished plaster before just the once on a small wall about 2 or 3 years ago. It turned out ok, im wondering what company sells a good quality material, im over in Ireland, i cant seem to find anybody who sells it over...