Trowelling up


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Hi guys just a quick question I know us spreads have our different ways of doing things but I was working in Surrey last week and I came across this spread from london,was a great spread been at it ages we was both skimming and then I noticed after a while when he was trowelling he barely used any water I noticed he flattened in with a speedskim then he did 2 passes with a s*p*r*lex trowel where he just wet the edge of the trowel and that was the only water he used then he polished it with a ss marshalltown at first I was like wtf never seen that done but when his work dried out it was that beautiful I nearly got my cock out to knock one out, he said he's been doing it like that for 20 years does any other spreads use little to no water and what do you think about it guys
Yup sponge it up you don't need any water the whole set if you time it right. Apart from the water from sponge. Comes out all one colour and flat as f**k. Speedskim it before you sponge aswell