Thistle Universal one coat on board!!!!!

david rossy

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Hi guy's
Been plastering a while now mainly MF 2 coats, start a new job next Monday and I've been told I'm using universal one coat on board ... Now I've not used this stuff apart from filling chased walls. Do any of you fine plasterers know how this stuff goes over board.. Do I spread, flatten, spat, sponge then polish??? And how thick on board? Never known a place use this stuff


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Bit weird using it but it's as easy to use as any finish and comes up sweet don't over think it I would say bang it on trowel up go home (y)


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We used one coat in the nineties and if you got it right it leaves a bang on white finish. Trouble is its a pain to use, specially in winter!

Ian Smith

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I used one coat plaster in Holland for a few years and loved the stuff.
Apply 5mm on boards, flatten with a 600mm spatula, orange sponge float, flatten again with 600mm spatula then polish with a smaller spatula or trowel. Job done.
British gypsum recommends 8mm on boards but up to you. Cheers