Thistle Trowel???

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ive noticed trowels by thistle going really cheap and wondered if anyone has tryed one and what they thought i have only ever used marshalltown and am weary of using others
At the price they are in the link john as posted i would'nt imagine they are not top notch but that said the price would also make them worth a punt. Just remember that in the early eighties marshalltown were considered cheap cr#p and tyzak were the dogs then evreybody started buying m/t and the prices started rising and all of a sudden they are the dogs so you pays your money and takes your chances :RpS_thumbup:
Ive got a 18" OX trowel which was very well priced. So far im quite impressed even though im still breaking it in.
We picked up a load of OX stuff up at Parex in skipton. Got 20% of the list price :RpS_thumbsup:

My old man got a 14", pipe trowel, sponge float.

All being broken in
I have one, it is 300mm long, stiff as **** and leaves lines everywhere . Good for cleaning the spot board off.
I take it all back, I didn't like this trowel so i used it for scraping floors ,cleaning things, drylining with that orrible adhesive,rendering screeding and general abuse and hey, it's broken in . Luckily i didn't bend it and i quite like it now.
I bought a thistle trowel.
Thinking well these guys make the finish plaster most of all use.
So they're trowels must be good.
That said they also made uni finish.
I personally didnt get on with it.
I would stick to Marshaltown personally.
Although I like the refina plastic skimming trowels.
Apart from the fact they're easy to get a nick in the edge.
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