Thistle Board Finish


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Just out of interest mate how much a bag , it's £5.20 inc vat round my way , is that what the rest of you lot kind of pay ?

I'm paying about £4.25 a bag on my terms. but local wickes is about £4.60 if you buy 5 or more and use your 10% trade discount

Gavine The First

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That's all I use, have done for the last ten plus years. Rarely plaster over board as I do domestics, lot of insurance work, ceilings and over artex. Kind of feel it has more body than multi. Its cheaper now but i'm sure it was more expensive a while back, may be wrong though.


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Where have you been these last 20 years lol

I was assuming he had been in the game a bit longer than maybe he has lol. They do a car lite finish in Ireland but not the same as the original.
Wouldn’t mind the ultra finish coming out here as it sets a bit quicker.