Pink plasterboard disaster


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I hope this is the right place to put this. I'm not a great DIYer so the DIY forum didn't seem quite right. I've just had some pink plasterboard put up in my garage to replace damaged asbestos cement board. I have two questions, should anyone feel inclined to respond on a Friday evening (!)...
1. If the installers damaged the board (one board is blown in two places - I'll try to attach pictures) when they were fitting it, will it compromise the fire retardant quality of the board? I think I might know the answer to that already
2. They were supposed to seal around the edges with intumescent sealant. They haven't! Instead they have left me with big gaps to fill and some dodgy cutting out to contend with. What do you think I should do / suggest THEY do?

To give you a bit of context for why I am posting here, this has been arranged through the asbestos removal company. The removal of the asbestos did not go well. They did not take the measures they said they would to stop fibres entering the property (it is an integrated garage and there is a gap between the garage and the floor above) so I ended up forking out for an independent reassurance test (they had originally said they would cover the cost of it and then decided they wouldn't). Oh, and the asbestos removal guys left a dusty asbestos mask on my fridge! So relationship between me and them isn't great. Just a bit of background really.

I'd be really grateful for any responses to those two questions so I can go back to the company a little less clueless than I am right now.

Many thanks.


  • Pink plasterboard disaster
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  • Pink plasterboard disaster
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intergral garages now i believe needs to be 2 x12.5mm or 1 x 15mm fire.

all skimmed aswell.
Yep. I asked for 15mm fireboard and got 12.5. Paid a deposit before they started removing the asbestos so the balance now is pretty much zero. Saw me coming. Lesson learnt.

So I guess I'm going to have to add another layer of something to meet the regs. Well, it'll be a good learning experience.