Plasterboard repair to original plaster


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Hi all,

Need some newbie advice, had to repair a couple of broken breeze blocks in a dividing wall. Ended up replacing with a wooden frame so I could run radiator pipes into the wall at the same time. I plan to plasterboard over the frame and blend this into the old plaster with a light skim.

As you can see in the photos linked below there’s a fair bit of exposed block work around the frame at the moment. Am I better to use minimal plasterboard on the frame and re-plaster the blocks, or can I make the whole repair in plasterboard (including over the exposed block wall) leaving a small gap between the plasterboard and original plaster to fill with jointing compound of some sort? Would I need to tape this join?

I also considered using cement board since this is the bottom of a wall in a bathroom, would there be any issues jointing this to the original plaster?

As you can probably tell this is all a challenge for me so any advice much appreciated, cheers! Pics of wall and timber frame to be boarded:


  • Plasterboard repair to original plaster
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  • Plasterboard repair to original plaster
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Cut board over size past frame and stick some plaster board adhesive , or expanding foam on edges before screwing board on. Bond it out after.
Thanks mate, is bonding coat ok in these lightweight blocks? That’s what I’ve bought but read that it should be hardwall used on block work? Can easily get some if that’s what I need.
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