Looking for lime plasterer in Sheffield to apply lime-based insulation internal walls

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We're looking to have our victorian semi (solid wall, stone) replastered in lime, as well as adding some insulation. We want to do our open plan living/dining room first up and then may do the rest of the house a bit later on to spread cost. Hoping to find someone who can apply something like Diathonite or Bauwer Light or something similar (provided it does the job happy for someone to use what they're comfortable with) at ~50-70mm + finish. Either that or a wood fibre system where there is lime base coat to level the stone wall + woodfibre boards and lime finish.

The total area to be plastered is ~35m2 and we'd need the existing plaster (seems to mix of gypsum + plasterboard in places) back to stone on the areas where the work is been done. There aren't any too many nooks and crannies, but there is a bay window and a couple of casement window reveals (see pictures) to negotiate.

Thanks in advance for any help or any interest in providing quotes/estimates for the work.



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